Incremental Progress - Jacob Spinning 01-16-23

Incremental Progress

When a time-lapse video is required to demonstrate the most infinitesimal and incremental progress. Then you know it’s an obsession.

I Am Totally Fine With Incremental Progress…

…when it comes to fiber pursuits.

If my home chores progressed as slowly as spinning fine singles of wool. Or if my career was all about tiny bits of progress that are difficult to measure in real time. Or if I had to wait months to see results in events like registration for the Men’s Knitting Retreats?

Yeah, no.

I would have to pay someone to do my home chores. My career would have been impossibly painful. And honestly, the Men’s Knitting Retreats would have never happened.

I am not a patient person. There has to be some level of noticeable progress in anything I find satisfying or even tolerable.

Except when it comes to fiber pursuits. For those I have unlimited tolerance for imperceptible growth. Well…maybe not unlimited tolerance. But a lot.

Don’t get me wrong…I enjoy quick and fast projects too. But when it comes to allowing for tiny bits of growth over a while, it needs to be in an area where I’m completely obsessed. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to tolerate it.

What about you…do you have any tolerance for evolutionary-paced progress in any other areas of your life than fiber pursuits?

Current Spinning/Knitting

As you can see from the time-lapse video, I am almost finished with my first bobbin of singles with the American Jacob spinning I’m working on.

American Jacob Spinning Minette - 01-16-23 01

Processing 2.5 pounds of fleece into a very fine single seems a bit insane when I think about it conceptually. But honestly, I’m enjoying every second of it.

I’ve also finished a second shallow-triangle scarf.

It’s in a much brighter colorway than the first one. And normally, I am not a fan of sections of white in a variegated yarn. But I actually like the way this one turned out.

Also enjoying the third colorway I’ve started as well.

Shallow Triangle Scarf 01-16-23 03

This should also turn out pretty well, I think.

2 comments on “Incremental Progress

  1. I totally understand. I just finished spinning some Romney fleece. The process was so satisfying, every bit of it. The washing, combing, spinning the singles, making samples, plying, etc. Sure, sometimes I need quickly finished projects, too, my attention span being what it is, but in this case it was the process itself that was so enjoyable.

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