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So Easily Distracted

Long-time blog readers know this about me. That I am so easily distracted. Especially when I’m working on production knitting.

More Evidence of Being So Easily Distracted

Imagine this. You’re working on your fourth scarf using a yarn you’re not that fond of. Then you see this in your social media feed.

Crochet Thermal Stitch Beanie Facebook Post Tony Law

Well, I have to at least try this! I google “crochet thermal stitch in-the-round” and fortunately there is a ton of information and tutorials.

I did try it out, and I have to admit…my ability to read crochet stitches is no where near as good as my ability to read knit stitches. The guy who made/posted the photo gives some really good advice. Crochet the beanie top-down. I will try again.

I’ve also decided that I’ve knit enough shallow-triangle scarves. Well…kind of…I need to try this pattern on a finer gauge yarn. I think it’ll be very elegant. I also have two more balls of the Seasons yarn by Ella Rae. But I think I’ll make keyhole scarves from them instead. They’re not much more interesting than the shallow-triangle scarves. But they’re different and…well, distracting.

Current Knitting/Spinning

The last Seasons shallow-triangle scarf is finished.

I keep going through my stash to decide on which yarn I will use for a finer-gauge version of this design. I’ll keep you updated.

I also made some minimal progress on my current spinning project.

American Jacob Spinning Minette - 01-20-23 02

Thank you to all the spinners who weighed in on my last blog post. I both confirmed some ideas and learned some new things I’ll look at incorporating.

You all are an amazing wealth of knowledge.

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