Kaleidoscopic View 01-25-23 01

Kaleidoscopic View

Most long-time readers know how much I dislike the Winter and the associated cold. But my car presented me with a kaleidoscopic view that was beautiful.

Ice Crystal Formed A Kaleidoscopic View

I’m proud of myself on the days when I can make a respectable design on the top of my latte.

First Latte of 2023

This was my first latte art of 2023 last month. I used to take this as an omen of things to come in the upcoming year. But with the last few years, I’ve had nice latte art, but not so great events.

So, when I got into my car, I found the featured photo above to be quite beautiful. It reminded me of a Herbert Niebling lace design. The icy design meant that it was cold enough to freeze. And that I wouldn’t be able to drive for about 5 minutes while I defrosted the windshield.

But it didn’t matter. I could still enjoy the beauty presented to me.

Not my usual “moment of joy” type of thing. So, perhaps I’m changing a bit. We’ll see…the next time I’m in a hurry, having to scrape nature’s artwork off my windshield might not be so well appreciated.

Current Spinning/Crochet

I have been continuing to card and spin the Jacob fleece from the lovely sheep, Minette.

American Jacob Spinning Minette - 01-25-23 01

Once this second bobbin of singles is complete, I will do some plying. I only have three bobbins for my Louet wheel, and I don’t want to spin unscoured wool on my Robin wheel.

I also started a new Crochet Thermal Stitch Beanie.

Crochet Thermal Stitch Hat 01-25-23 01

This one is being made with worsted weight yarn and fewer stitches. You might think I’d be a bit further ahead since it should be going faster. But I had to rip out a few hours of crochet on my first attempt. The nice part about this design, is that it can be used as a yarn bowl to store and carry the project.

Crochet Thermal Stitch Hat 01-25-23 02

I’ll be using the green yarn as a wide stripe and a narrow edge (I think). But I am getting faster at this stitch with the practice. And one of the best tips someone gave me about shaping in crochet was to wait until the flat circle started to look like a Yarmulke before doing more shaping. That seems to work well for me.

2 comments on “Kaleidoscopic View

  1. I’ve been reading your blog for many years, so I’ve seen you in many hats, and I think your learn-as-you-go crochet beanie (in the previous post) is the most flattering one yet.
    PS. The start of the beanie looks like it would make a perfect yarmulke (kippah).

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