Taco Ma - Washington State Drag Name

My New Drag Name – Taco Ma

When I move out to the Seattle area and need a drag name, Taco Ma will be the one.

Do You Think Taco Ma Did This To Their Truck On Purpose?

I mean, when this NJ pick-up owner went to Toyota, did they request this custom paint job to the name of the truck?

Perhaps it’s a lesbian-owned truck and this is just the owner’s nickname?

Honestly, I’ve been a bit obsessed with what people put on the back of their vehicles. And also with clever drag names. Perhaps this truck is a little bit more up my alley.

Crochet Peace Sign Truck Tow

Crocheting a trailer hitch cover…with a peace sign no less. Now that’s my speed. But I couldn’t come up with a decent drag name based on this photo.

Or perhaps my drag name should be more yarn related? Ann Goragoat? Pearl Bump? Or if I want a country/western themed drag persona, perhaps Lana Lynn?

I’m open to any and all ideas.

Current Crochet

I’m continuing to learn a lot about crochet with this latest thermal stitch beanie.

purlgin writes:

I’ve been reading your blog for many years, so I’ve seen you in many hats, and I think your learn-as-you-go crochet beanie (in the previous post) is the most flattering one yet.
PS. The start of the beanie looks like it would make a perfect yarmulke (kippah).

Both comments are accurate (in my opinion). I love the fact that this more densely structured hat gives my head a more flattering shape than I have. And this stitch pattern would definitely lend itself to being used for a yarmulke.

The two finished hats are done using the same size hook (H or 5 mm). The gold and blue one is done with fingering weight yarn and the light gray/green one is done with DK weight yarn.

I’ve started a third beanie using worsted weight yarn and a K (or 6.5 mm) hook.

Crochet Thermal Stitch Hat 01-27-23 02

All three make for a very squishy and VERY warm fabric. The best advice I got from other crocheters was from Jeffery on how to decide on when to do an increase round…when the piece starts shaping like a yarmulke!

3 comments on “My New Drag Name – Taco Ma

  1. The list of drag names for knitters is great fun. Pearl Bump is fantastic.
    I’m always looking for the ultimate in warm when it comes to hats and mittens. I’ll have to learn Thermal Stitch and try making one of these beanies!
    Best wishes for almost February.

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