Crochet Thermal Stitch Beanie Tutorial Montage

Crochet Hat Tutorial – QueerJoe’s Tutorial Rules

When making the latest crochet hat tutorial video, I broke a lot of my own rules. Fortunately I followed one very important self-rule.

Rules For Crochet Hat Tutorial

Honestly, I have no patience for listening to someone blather on about a design. When I do a search on a video tutorial, I want the technique…pure and simple.

For someone that blathers a LOT (both here and on YouTube), that’s a pretty hypocritical statement to make. So clearly I don’t always follow my own rules. But honestly, to follow all of the rules I have in my head about YouTube tutorials would be impossible. Or at least highly improbable.

Random QueerJoe Tutorial Rules

  1. Less than a minute of chit-chat at the beginning of the video.
  2. Get right to the technique/skill/demonstration – that’s what I came for.
  3. Make sure the demonstration of the skill/technique is clear and well-lit.
  4. Include every possible piece of information I need to know about this technique in a succinct and clear way.
  5. Don’t repeat the same demonstration over and over. I got it the first time. Or if I didn’t I know how to go back in the video.
  6. Don’t “um”, “ah”, “er” all through the tutorial.
  7. Come across as intelligent, likable and supportive.
  8. Include navigation/timestamp links to any section of the video that I might want to move to.

So unless this is a professional video done by talented actors with really well-written scripts, my rules are impossible.

But…that last rule is important. In fact, it’s so important that it overrides all the others for a video tutorial for me.

If you click on the “Watch on YouTube” link on the embedded video above, you can see the following in the description:

Crochet Thermal Stitch Beanie Tutorial
Free demonstration with crochet pattern on how to make a top-down crochet beanie using the thermal stitch.
00:00:35 Benefits of the Thermal Stitch Beanie design
00:03:20 One downside of the design
00:05:49 Choosing Yarn and Hook Size
00:07:45 Hat Tutorial Beginning – Introduction
00:08:20 Magic Ring/Loop – First Round (8 sc)
00:11:00 Crocheting the Crown/Shaping
00:14:20 Thermal Stitch in-the-round tutorial
00:17:40 Thermal Stitch Non-Increase Round
00:20:00 How to count stitches in Thermal Stitch
00:22:30 Thermal Stitch Increase Round
00:44:50 Ending Crown Shaping – Beginning Body of the Hat
00:46:25 Eliminating the center ridge
00:52:55 Changing Colors – Adding a Stripe
00:56:05 Using Different Yarn Weights/Hooks

Baby Blanket Update

Back in August of last year, I finished a baby blanket for a niece who was pregnant.

Eloise was born on January 7, 2023 and I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect newborn. Her parents say the blanket helps soothe her when she’s fussy. Such a fortunate child.

Current Knitting

Started back on a little bit of craft show knitting with a pair of Rose’s Fingerless Mitts.

At last year’s craft show, I sold out of Rose’s Fingerless Mitts. Hopefully they’ll be popular again at the end of this year.

2 comments on “Crochet Hat Tutorial – QueerJoe’s Tutorial Rules

  1. Joe,
    Negative ease! Love it when you talk dirty. Great job. Thank you. Can’t wait to make it. And beautiful blanket. There is love in every stitch. Robert

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