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I’m Considering A Comb-Over

Thaddeus is my barber and for years he’s been telling me I have a bald spot. A recent photo has me considering a comb-over.

Should Anyone Ever Be Considering a Comb-Over?

Most of my life, I’ve had a mop of thick, full hair. Mostly, I’ve tried to keep it cut short or else it looks unruly.

Like many others, I have always envied guys with straight, flat hair that they could grow long. Predictably, I always wanted what I didn’t have.

But now, as my hair is both graying and thinning, I’m reconsidering growing my hair longer. Both so it will cover the thinning spot on the top of my skull and also hoping that the thinner hair will lay flatter and look less like an untrimmed chia pet.

My hair doesn’t grow terribly fast, but it’s already starting to feel messy and difficult to manage. Here’s the best I’ve been able to do with my new combover hair.

Perhaps I should just start always wearing a hat.


Current Spinning and Knitting

I’ve been making constant, incremental progress on my latest spinning project.

American Jacob Minette Spinning 02-06-23 01

For those who’ve forgotten by now…this is the Jacob fleece project. The fleece is from a beautiful sheep named Minette from Echo Valley Farm.

I also finished a second pair of Rose’s Fingerless Mitts and started a third.

The two completed pairs are in sizes small and medium (small is to the right in the photo above). The medium size fits me the best.

QueerJoe Wearing Roses Fingerless Mitts 02-06-23 01

There are a total of six sizes in the pattern {Petite (6.25″ tall), Small (7″ tall), Medium(7.5″ tall), Medium-Large (8.25″ tall), Large (9″ tall), Extra Large (9.5″ tall)}.

The third pair will also be a Medium.

11 comments on “I’m Considering A Comb-Over

  1. I don’t think that combovers really work. And in the wind, the combover can stand up. There should be no shame in thinning hair or a bald spot.

  2. As a retired hairdresser I do not recommend comb overs because they look like exactly that. Start wearing your hair a bit shorter to get used to it then progress to short. Your a handsome man and you will look great!!

  3. Joe, don’t worry about thinning and/or graying hair, please. As Marilyn says, they don’t really work and, in my opinion, make the wearer look ridiculous. If anyone teases you about it, just remind them that your brain in diverting all the energy from your head-based hair follicles to your creativity.

  4. As a very new subscriber to your posts, and an older-than-you gay male knitter, I beg you NOT to do the comb-over thing. Begging, I tell you. From the photos I’ve seen over the years from Ravelry and the mens’ knitting group posts, you are one good looking dude. Please don’t spoil your hotness.

    Thank you for your designs and wisdom, much appreciated and enjoyed.

  5. I strongly agree with the other posts – no comb-over – Please.
    They don’t do what you think – everyone can still tell.
    As Bruce pointed out – shorter is better, and getting used to it – work with what you have to make it look neat and sharp – just like you!

  6. I too, vote No! the combover ages the wearer. You have always worn your age well, looking more youthful rather than old. Why ruin a good thing?

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