Peaked As An Artist

You’ve Peaked As an Artist

Have you ever felt like you’ve peaked as an artist? And no, I don’t mean with my fiber-artistry…I mean my latte art!

What do you do when you feel like you peaked as an artist?

Those are just 9 of the lattes I’ve made since the beginning of February. I usually make one latte each morning. And each morning, the design on top looks pretty much the same.

I honestly would have thought I’d be able to make something more complex. That perhaps my hand-tremor might have made for some additional interest in my milk-pouring. But I can’t even make a standard echo-heart.


That one isn’t mine…it’s a random image I found on the web. Mine look more like a fat, rounded ass rather than a heart.

So should I continue to try and change up my latte foam design? Do I quit? Do you just keep doing the same thing even though it’s tedious every day?

I imagine if I ever was forced to go back to work as a barista, I could get away with my crappy latte art. But perhaps I should keep trying to learn.

Any readers good at this stuff?

Current Knitting

I was able to finish another pair of Rose’s Fingerless Mitts since Wednesday.

Again, these mitts are being made with my handspun. One of the plies of this yarn is a mohair/Shetland blend and the other is an unknown wool that I spun/plied back in 2017. They make for a slightly silk, slightly hazy yarn that I’m enjoying very much.

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  1. Seconding Marilyn Nance’s appreciation of your lattes. Fat, rounded asses also have an appeal, so I’ve been told.

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