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Giving Good Hair

Especially since COVID, I have been very grateful to have an in-house barber. Giving good hair is his specialty.

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Thanks to all the horrified responses to considering a comb-over, I continued to let my hair grow out until Thaddeus couldn’t stand it any more. Usually I am the one to call it quits on growing my hair longer. This time it was him.

He finally said enough…we’re cutting your hair.

He does a good job, no?

Turns out, Minette also gives good hair. We’ll technically, she gives good wool. You’ll note I’ve made a lot of progress in turning her latest shearing into a lot of yarn.

Current Spinning

It’s always exciting when I’ve filled up two bobbins of singles.

I wasn’t sure I’d be able to ply up one full bobbin of yarn. But it turns out I was able to ply it all.

Normally, I can’t stand blog photos with feet in them. It seems like lazy cropping to me. But today I included my feet to try to give you a sense about just how much yarn I made.

Since I spun all of this “in the grease” I did have to scour/degrease the yarn once it was plied. Three times, in fact. It’s still drying, so I’m not sure of the final amount of yarn. I’ll let you know on Friday.

4 comments on “Giving Good Hair

  1. OK Vanity Smurf, you look fabulous. Stop calling it a combover, it’s a side part. Did Thaddeus cut it? It looks good. I can highlight it at the retreat. But will cost you big time.

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