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New Television Knitting Chair!

We finally decided to replace our most-used pieces of furniture. And now we both have a new television knitting chair.

Well…New Television Knitting Chair For Me

For Thaddeus, it’s just a television chair.

You’ll notice in the feature photo that I have my wooden toolbox on my left. It holds needles, notions, bags, yarn, hooks, and printed patterns. I also have a goose-neck lamp with an ashtray right next to me. This both lights my work and holds smaller notions like weaving needles, stitch markers, needle gauges, etc.

Despite how comfortable and supportive these new chairs are, I was surprised that I still had to get used to them. The new chair makes me realize how much I used to slouch and strain in the old chair. I had just gotten used to it.

Carson Demers would have been appalled! Less so now.

These new chairs are not leather (like our old chairs). They have three motors (feet, headrest and lumbar), a USB port and a bluetooth app to control it with my phone or tablet.

But no cup holders. That’d be tacky.

Current Spinning/Knitting

I finished plying, scouring, drying, weighing, measuring and test-knitting the Jacob yarn.

It turned out to be 11.7 ounces (332 grams) and 1250 yards of yarn. The average grist of 1,709 yards per pound puts it at fingering weight yarn.

The hat will have to be ripped out. I’m not liking the garter fabric on a US4 (3.5 mm needle). I may also try and run it through the circular sock knitting machine.

7 comments on “New Television Knitting Chair!

  1. My husband and I have started talking about recliners. It’s not really his aesthetic; I think because he grew up in Mexico and it wasn’t a thing. I, on the other hand, grew up in the US Midwest where every adult I knew had a recliner in their house (or 2!), so at this point in my life, it feels unavoidable. Destiny is a La-Z-Boy.

  2. That is one amazing chair. It looks huge. Edith Ann?
    It is great to see how you have everything you need right there. Fantastic fiber man cave! Have fun relaxing, knitting and crocheting!
    Love the tool box! In the move, I said a downsizing goodbye to the smaller tool box my carpenter father had made me a child. (I do have one he used.) But I have the Christmas sleigh he build for our mother. It stays out all year long.

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