Other Fur Babies - Tewie and Serena

Other Fur Babies

I’m traveling this week to be with family for a few days. It means I’m surrounded by other fur babies than Finn.

Loving Other Fur Babies

I’m up visiting my mom and sister’s family this week. I had forgotten how much I enjoy being around dogs. She has two dogs, Tewie and Serena.

I enjoyed walking them, throwing balls for them, brushing them and feeding them.

My mom also has a beautiful cat, Jojo.

The dogs are both smart and very loving. Serena has a few issues with personal space, but most people don’t mind at all.

Jojo is a tiny, delicate little beauty. She loves bags. For a Siamese cat, she isn’t overly chatty. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever heard her talk. I have heard her hiss. Usually at the dogs. But once at me as well. It takes a while for Jojo to warm up to someone, but when she does, she will deign to let them pet her.

I always miss Finn when I’m away. I picture him waiting for me on the couch for his daily brushing.

But honestly, I imagine he’s found a nice warm sun-puddle and is sleeping through my absence.

I’m heading home tonight, so he won’t have to endure it (enjoy it?) much longer.

Current Crochet

Being occupied with family interaction, I haven’t focused much attention on my current project this week.

I still have about 5 rounds of crochet to finish this little beauty.

I’ll do better next week.

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