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Designing Again

I had honestly forgotten how satisfying it is to have some ideas recorded about a new sweater or shawl. So I’m happy to be designing again.

What Exactly Am I Designing Again?

A while back, I decided that trying to replicate the first sweater I ever knit had turned into a disaster.

So, I pulled out the entire sweater and put the yarn away for a while.

It’s a LOT of bulky yarn, and it showed up again when I was re-organizing my stash. So I decided to do a test swatch.

My Test Swatch - Mulespun Bulky Cardigan 03-06-23 01

While it isn’t very exciting, I decided to move forward with a new sweater design. I knew my approximate gauge. I decided on a very simple no-button cardigan design with i-cord edging.

After I sketched out the basic schematic, it was all just a bit of math.

Bulky Cardigan Schematic 03-17-23

So I decided to move forward, and work on both sleeves at the same time. Check out the “Current” projects section and see if you think I might have a bit more success this time.

Current Crochet/Knitting

I was able to finish the latest Crochet Thermal Stitch beanie.

This is the one done in fingering weight (Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4-Ply). It’s not really my style, but I’m sure someone will love it.

As noted above, I also made some progress on the Bulky Mulespun Cardigan.

Bulky Mulespun Cardigan 03-17-23 01

It’s just the beginning of the sleeves so far. But with the rest of the sweater mapped out, I’m hopeful it will knit up rather quickly.

As always, I’ll keep you updated.

1 comment on “Designing Again

  1. Your design and the swatches look great. Best wishes for your new incarnation sweater.
    I’m possibly…..soon…. to be attempting my second ever sweater. Very few instructions for this Lopapeysa. Uh oh!
    All you hats! You are on fire.
    Best wishes for almost spring.

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