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Plants Add Life

We gifted a plant recently to a friend of ours and it reminded me of how much plants add life to an environment.

Chose the Perfect Plant To Add Life

Honestly, I thought the choice of this flowering plant wasn’t a great one. I thought it would be too big for the space. Our friend has rather a small place with a beautiful bay window in the front.

Scarlet Star - Guzmania Lingulata 03-24-23 01

I couldn’t have been more wrong. Thaddeus picked out a Scarlet Star plant. Or Guzmania Lingulata. It’s a beautiful bromeliad that is easy to maintain and seems to thrive in unnatural light. It actually brightened up our friend’s space with some deep, rich color. And it fits the space perfectly.

I’m glad Thaddeus convinced me.

It reminded me of how much I missed houseplants in our home. We had an incident with our prior cat, Nico. He started exhibiting strange choking-like behavior. We realized he had been nibbling on a lily plant. When we looked up plants that are poisonous to cats, lilies were not good. We took no chances and removed all the plants from the house. We have continued that practice with Finn just to be safe. And as a gay man, I refuse to have silk plants in the house.

But fortunately, a cat brings more life to a place than even a plant.

Current Knitting

The beginnings of a sweater that I noted in the last two blog entries is progressing.

I finished the sleeves and created the bottom i-cord edge for the full circumference of the cardigan. I will continue the i-cord edge at each side of the front opening as I knit it.

So far, so good!

3 comments on “Plants Add Life

  1. If you miss having house plants, I would suggest that you get just a few that are researched to be non-toxic to cats. I too had a cat that just Loved to chew on plant leaves, so cut back on the amount of house plants. Not all cats seem to be herbivorous !

    1. Two things that I don’t like about silk plants in my home:
      1. I come from a time where fake plants were plastic and gaudy looking. I’ve never gotten over the fact that they made a place look cheap.
      2. If I’m adding something to my home decor that will need to be dusted, and moved for vacuuming, it’s going to be something nicer looking than a silk plant.

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