Nice To Be Appreciated

Nice To Be Appreciated

It doesn’t matter how much I personally get out of some activity. It’s still nice to be appreciated.

When It’s Nice To Be Appreciated in a BIG Way!

To Scale - Thank You Note Princeton Montessori Art Class 03-27-23 01

Both art classes where I taught knitting signed this lovely, large thank-you note!

If you didn’t read about this earlier this March, I taught knitting to two art classes of grade-school students.

It was a truly wonderful experience. The students at this school were fantastic. So fantastic, that it was truly an honor to have been invited to participate in their lives. I honestly didn’t expect that.

There were a total of about 25-30 students in both classes and many of them wrote very sweet notes inside the card. And while it was completely unnecessary, it was a complete joy to get this acknowledgement.

I may be going back to teach two classes of middle-school students at the same school. I’ll look forward to that!

Current Knitting

I finally made it to 16 inches on the lower-body of the Bulky Mulespun Cardigan I’ve been working on. So I went on to finish the two sides of the front of the garment.

Of course, my busy-body cat had to see what was going on. It’s honestly hard enough to try and show in photos the progress I’ve made on a big sweater like this. It’s not blocked, so the edges curl. And then I have Finn to contend with.

He’s lucky he’s such a beauty.

Now all I have to finish is the back and the neck edging. It will be ready just in time for the warmer weather.

4 comments on “Nice To Be Appreciated

  1. I am enjoying watching the progress on your sweater. Do you have a formula for doing sleeve tops for a set-in sleeve? You always end up with such a well fitted garment.

    1. Yes Ron…I have used the same basic formula for both the shaping of the tops of set-in sleeves to get the “bell-curve” shape. I use the same shaping method on the body of the sweater to get the corresponding shaping of the armhole.

      At the beginning of the first and second rows, I cast off 1″ worth of stitches (for this sweater, it was a little more…4 stitches)
      At the beginning of rows 3-8, I cast off 2 sts
      At the beginning of rows 9-14, I cast off 1 st. Bind off all remaining stitches on the 15th row.

      If I want a deeper sleeve-cap, I’ll working a few more rows of the remaining stitches before binding off the remaining stitches.

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