Distracted Disorganized and Finishing Nothing 03-29-23 01

Distracted, Disorganized And Finishing Nothing

The feature photo today and the title say everything. Two new projects have me distracted, disorganized and finishing nothing.

About Exactly What Am I Distracted and Disorganized?

Even this blog entry may go all over the place. And not have the cohesive, well-thought-out theme like most of my blog entries.

You know my main project. The Bulky Mulespun Cardigan. Other than responding to Ron’s comment/question about sleeve shaping, I have done nothing since Sunday on that project.

I’m also preparing a workshop for the Men’s Spring Fiber Retreat in May. It’s a workshop on two-handed stranded knitting.

Two Handed Stranded Knitting Screen Shot

I will be doing a 3-hour workshop to 12 guys in May. There is some preparation they’ll need to do before the retreat, but I realized I needed to knit up a demo piece before I could write up the materials.

And then, Tony asks me to test-crochet his Thermal Stitch Hat. So, of course, I had to start work on that.

Crochet Thermal Stitch Beanie Facebook Post Tony Law

More about that on Friday. Suffice it to say, his pattern is really good. It’s got two surprises that I think you’ll be interested in. And honestly, despite having made about 10 similar versions of these hats, I completely buried the headline about its most important aspect!

Get It Together Joe

I was honestly hoping I’d finish the workshop swatch, Tony’s test hat AND do a little work on the Bulky Mulespun Cardigan.

Given how thin I’ve spread myself here, I accomplished none of those.

Check in again on Friday and I’ll hopefully have better news. Or I’m deluding myself again. We’ll see.

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  1. Hi Joe👋🏻🙂
    I know exactly what you mean😆 I have a hat on hold ran out of yarn and with all this cold rainy weather I hardly leave the house. And I have a beaded shawl I have on hold but finally bought more orange yarn but haven’t gotten to it yet plus working on another Butterfly shawl for one of my mother’s friend… I usually knit 2-3 hours every morning with my coffee so I’m spending 1 hour on each project until they’re completed. Good Luck on your end my friend☮️💖🧶🥢☕️🍪☕️

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