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Birthday Tomorrow!

Yes, it’s my birthday tomorrow. I will turn 64 years old. And yes, I’ve already starting eating my birthday cake!

How Will I Celebrate My Birthday Tomorrow?

Honestly, I won’t be doing much to celebrate. Thaddeus will make me a nice dinner (rack of lamb). I will eat more birthday cake. And hopefully, I’ll be able to get out bicycling to try and offset the impact of so much cake at my age. You’ll also note below that I’m on track to giving myself a newly knit cardigan for my birthday!

In addition to already eating cake, I have also opened a gift from an incredibly thoughtful friend.

Kaffe Fassett - The Artists Eye by Dennis Northdruft 04-03-23 01

I’m so excited. Kaffe Fassett – The Artist’s Eye by Dennis Northdruft is a gorgeous book.

I’ve seen photos of it on Facebook and it looked nice, but I don’t think I ever would have purchased it. But if I had seen this book in-person, I definitely would have bought it.

To show you just how thoughtful my friend is, she also gave me this for my birthday.

Birthday Gift Lisa - Mexican Style Chili Crunch Salsa

Fiber and food…she knows me well.

If, like me, you find it difficult to be thoughtful when it comes to gift-giving for a knitter, you can always relay on the annual holiday gift-giving guide for ideas we all would love.

Current Knitting

As noted above, I am make lots of progress on the Bulky Mulespun Cardigan, and I’m also working on another workshop sample for the Two-Handed Stranded Knitting workshop I’ll be delivering at the Mens’ Knitting Retreat next month.

I’ve completed the buttonless button-band and collar and sewed them on. I’ve also attached one of the sleeves (using my basting/slip-stitch crochet method). The workshop sample will be used for demonstrating color dominance…I hope.

See you on the other side of 64!

7 comments on “Birthday Tomorrow!

  1. Happy, happy birthday, Joe, dear fellow fellow knitter! If the cake in the photo is actually your b’day cake, congratulations on only eating one piece thus far. Cheers to you as your posts cheer my mornings, good sir.

  2. Congratulations for your birthday ! Hope you will have a year of fun and good yarn. Thanks for your blog making both my knitting and my english progress

  3. Happy Birthday to my almost birthday twin! And best wishes for a great “new” year filled with everything you enjoy and everyone dear to you. Fiber fun too.
    Enjoy that amazing cake and your Kaffe Fassett book looks fantastic.
    And so does your cardigan!
    Your sample is wonderful and yours will be a super workshop. I do my annual puppetry lecture/demos tomorrow and Thursday. So much to “rehearse” and prepare, as you know! Best wishes!

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