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Birthday Cardigan Complete!

Not only is the birthday cardigan complete, but it’s really nice too. Overall, it was a very successful birthday yesterday.

Woven-In Ends, Blocked and Photos Taken – Birthday Cardigan is Complete!

I always think that working with bulky yarn and a US9 (5.5 mm) needle will speed up the completion of a sweater a LOT. And yes, it does go faster than a finer-gauge sweater, but not a lot.

I ended up sewing in the second sleeve, finishing the buttonless button-band and sewing up the sleeve seams. And of course, weaving in ends.

I would probably have lengthened it by maybe a half an inch. And I would have put a little more ease in the bottom-front corners where the i-cord pulls it in a little more than I’d like. But those two things are very minor. It’s a very comfortable sweater.

The weather on my birthday yesterday was not really suitable for this sweater (sunny and 74°F – 23.3°C). So, the sweater will be stored with all my other colder-weather sweaters for a while.

I’m not sure about you, but I often get very tired of working with a yarn and a sweater design by the time it’s finished. So often, I’m glad to put it away for a while and re-enjoy it much more when I pull it out.

While I didn’t tire of this project at all, I’m sure there will be added enjoyment when I re-discover this sweater in the Autumn.

Current Knitting/Crochet

With one big project out of the way, I will focus on my two other smaller projects.

  • The demo pieces for the two-handed stranded knitting workshop:
Two-Handed Stranded Knitting Workshop Piece 04-05-23 01
  • The fine-gauge, crochet thermal stitch skullcap
Fine-Gauge Thermal Stitch Skullcap 04-05-23 01

The two-handed stranded knitting piece should finish up quickly (if I don’t get distracted by something new). And the fine-gauge thermal stitch skullcap is moving along slowly, but steadily.

5 comments on “Birthday Cardigan Complete!

  1. What a super way to celebrate your birthday! The cardigan is wonderful. As are you other projects. You find the best yarns!
    Have a great day and enjoy more cake!

  2. The best birthday present ever—a finished project. Looks fabulous. My birthday is in November. Same color is fine. 41 chest.

    Happy 25 ++.

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