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Three New Books

I am highly recommending three (relatively) new books. Two of them I received as gifts for my birthday. All different and all quite wonderful.

Three New Must-Have Fiber-Related Books

When I’m acquiring books for my fiber-library, I usually don’t lean towards biographies or conceptual books. I usually get stitch dictionaries or straight-up pattern books. Those are the kinds of books that usually inspire me.

So some fiber-related books don’t really cross my radar. I’m glad my friends knew me well enough that I’d love all three.

The Artist’s Eye

The first book is Kaffe Fassett – The Artist’s Eye, by Dennis Nothdruft. (promotional link)

Kaffe Fassett - The Artists Eye by Dennis Northdruft 04-03-23 01

It’s difficult not to flip through this book because of all the gorgeous photography. So, I’ve only sat down to read the first section so far. And even though I’ve followed Kaffe’s work for years, I’ve already learned a few facts about his background that were both interesting and new information for me. How he “sees colour” and the various stages of his fiber pursuits, for example. I knew some of it, but this book is providing a much more succinct, complete picture for me.

I’m falling in love with Kaffe and his work all over again.

Knitting Bag of Tricks

The second book is Patty Lyon’s Knitting Bag of Tricks. (promotional link)

Patty Lyons Knitting Bag of Tricks Book

I don’t think I’ve ever met Patty in-person, but I’ve known her for a long time. She’s a friend of a friend (Carol Sulcoski) and that alone makes her extraordinary. And I also know the book’s illustrator, Franklin Habit. So Patty’s bona fides is already established as far as I’m concerned. But I’ve also seen her videos and some of the techniques (hacks) in her book. This book is brilliantly insightful into understanding and explaining anything about knitting. So glad to own this.


Finally, I’m currently reading Unraveling: What I Learned About Life While Shearing Sheep, Dyeing Wool, and Making the World’s Ugliest Sweater by Peggy Orenstein.

I only have the Audible and Kindle versions of this book, so I’ll have to use the Amazon photo for this blog entry (I copied and pasted it into my feature photo today).

I’m about halfway through Ms. Orenstein’s wonderfully written book. I can’t imagine my ideas about this book will change once I’ve finished it, so I am highly recommending this book as well.

Current Knitting/Crocheting

The two-handed, stranded knitting workshop sample piece is complete.

I’ll be using both these examples in a workshop at the Men’s Knitting Retreat in May. But I’ll be using them in an upcoming blog entry as well. Stay tuned!

The fine-gauge Thermal Stitch Hat is moving along…

…slowly. There are 150 stitches in each round. And the thermal stitch is the crochet version of double-knitting, in that each row of stitches requires two rounds of crochet to complete. It grows very slowly.

Finally, here’s a sneak peak at my next project.

Rios Slip Stitch Afghan 04-07-23 01

Not much to go on, I know…but any guesses?

6 comments on “Three New Books

  1. Thank you for the Book titles. Received The Artist’s Eye yesterday and just ordered Knitting Bag of Tricks. Now, I have to read The Artist’s Eye – have already gone through the pictures twice. It is right up there with Dreaming in Color.

    Thank you, Corinne

  2. Well, it’s Malabrigo, for sure, and there may be cables involved, or are the needles both double-points?

    Joe, please take a look at your first two sentences at how you’ve spelled “ever” and “her” there. They just jumped off the screen; I don’t mean to be critical, just a friendly suggestion as you’re writing about well-written books. I also own the Patty Lyons book and reading it is like having a conversation at the knitting table with a friend I’ve never met.

    Cheers to you, and continued birthday felicitations!

    1. Many thanks Fred! I’ve corrected the two mistakes you noted and I am always grateful for you type of comment. Everyone else’s typos jump off the page at me except my own! Thanks again.

      1. Oh, Joe, I’m so glad you received my comment in the spirit with which it was made. Continuing in that spirit, please look at “that alone makes here (sic) extraordinary.” It’s often difficult to catch one’s typos. I try to read what I write aloud, often catching errors that way. Cheers, once again, to you and your blog that makes me smile and nod my head in agreement, particularly as a gay male knitter.

  3. I’m guessing something cabled also, but only 2 dpn’s so not socks? Some kind of edging for a knitted piece?

  4. Thank you for the book recommendations. I don’t have anyone in my circle that can recommend these kinds of books. But I’ve followed your blog for years. The knitting balm for example, was a godsend. The yarn winder review was spot on. And Franklin is divine!

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