QueerJoes Busy Season - Spring In Fieldstone 2023

QueerJoe’s Busy Season

As a retiree, there aren’t many times when I feel overly busy. Or anxious about all that needs to be done. However, we really have entered QueerJoe’s busy season.

What All’s Involved in QueerJoe’s Busy Season?

Mostly, my busy-ness is surrounding the upcoming Men’s Spring Fiber Retreat in May:

  • Communications, social media posts, updates to the 38 attendees
  • Communications with the retreat center hosting us
  • Creating/printing name-tags, agendas, workshop materials, etc.
  • Filing business taxes for the organization
  • Preparing registration/hand-out materials (project bags, knitting notions, etc.)
  • Working on retreat-related side projects (raffle baskets, afghan donation, etc.)
  • Getting back into shape (and yes, “round” is a shape)

But it’s also time when personal taxes, enjoying the beautiful Spring-time here in Bucks County, PA, working on fun projects, bicycling, foraging for wild things, etc. all come back into play.

And of course, the standard tasks that occur throughout the year. Tending to Finn and Thaddeus (usually in that priority order), housecleaning, visiting friends and family, etc., etc., etc.

Many times, the month of April is pretty much a blur. But it’s always still one of my favorite times of the year.

Current Knitting

My current Rios afghan project is adding a bit to the overly-busy anxiety of the season. The afghan will be a gift to be delivered at the retreat in May.

In a little less than one week of work on this project, I haven’t quite finished two of the wide stripes. And I will need to complete 10 of them. So I will be focusing solely on this project until it’s finished.

5 comments on “QueerJoe’s Busy Season

  1. Good morning, Joe. Were I only as “round” as you! The afghan is already looking quite beautiful. What is the pattern? The “working busily” has a rather familiar look to it, though I seem to be able to nap in my knitting armchair with needles in hand! Best wishes for conquering all that needs to be done before your retreat.

    1. Thanks Ken…yes…Malabrigo Rios when used with this kind of slip-stitch pattern shows off their colors extremely well. You’ll get to see it in-person in about 5 weeks!

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