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On Track

There is a lot going on in my world right now and I’ve even added a couple of new possibilities to my list. But the important tasks are on track.

Keeping On Track

I’ve been working diligently on my current project. And it looks like I’ll easily make the deadline for finishing (middle of May). I’ve been keeping focused despite a lot of Men’s Knitting Retreat activity going on. But it’s all getting done. And I’m feeling good about it all too.

So, of course I have to add distractions. A friend suggested a new project that will require a lot of planning and work. I got started with that even though I’m not sure where it’s headed yet.

And then I fell in love with a few different colors of Malabrigo Rios and ordered this gorgeous mess.

Yarn - The Perfect Purl Rios Sock Blank Huasco Sock 04-21-23

In addition to three new colors of Malabrigos, The Perfect Purl also sent a couple of extras!

But I WILL NOT be derailed from the Rios Slip Stitch Afghan!

You’ll note that the next color in my “plan” will be the Candombe and then Lettuce. I have to admit, it’s exciting seeing each color-blend emerge.

Current Knitting

Three-Fifths complete on the Rios Slip Stitch Afghan.

Four more stripes to go (although I may consider adding one more stripe depending on how long this blocks out). You’ll notice the Candombe is already poised to be blended in in the last photo!

3 comments on “On Track

  1. Ah, we knitters! Like you, just as I’m binding off an early Stephen West shawl for a dear friend, 702 stitches worth, I’m eagerly looking forward to casting on the Cameo shawl (Melanie Rice) with some spectacular hand-dyed gradient skeins from Maritime Fiber Family, also a new set of socks for my husband, and — its all your fault, the slip-stitch blanket. Are you using one skein per colorway, or more, before moving on to the next?

    1. Each skein of Rios is supposed to be enough to be the foreground color of one stripe and then the background color for the next color. Two things:
      1. I’m using some of the colorways twice (Candombe, Fresco y Seco, and Pocion)
      2. At my gauge, I can’t quite get two stripes out of one skein, so I’m going to end up using about 12 skeins of Rios for the 10 stripes.

  2. Should readers be interested, the Cameo shawl’s yarn is Briggs and Little’s Tuffy dyed by the Home Spun Girls in the Crushed Petals Fade bundle for the Maritime Family Fiber good folks. Check it out, gorgeous stuff!

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