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National Geographic Special

Our bike rides should be part of a National Geographic special on fish-hunting birds. It would be quite beautiful.

Made For National Geographic Special

Many of you know that I live close to the Delaware River. The river that is a long part of the boundary between Pennsylvania and New Jersey. On both sides of the river (in both States) there is a towpath that follows the river which is perfect for biking.

We’re very fortunate to live in such a beautiful area.

We’re even more fortunate because of the amazing creatures attracted to this area. I can think of five birds we see on a regular basis that hunt for fish in the river and in the canal. Eagles, osprey, heron (both blue and green), kingfisher and cormorant.

The latest glory is a pair of bald eagles tending their nest.

We haven’t seen any young yet, but I’m certain they’re in there.

Yes, we live a most excellent place and this is just one of the reasons!

Current Knitting

I got a bit busy with things and didn’t make much progress over the weekend on the Rios Slip Stitch Afghan.

I’m confident that I’ll finish in plenty of time to weave in ends, wash, block and wrap up this gift for next month.

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