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Wisteria In Bloom

This year seems to be a banner year in our area for this uniquely colored flower. It’s a short-lived season, but right now, the Wisteria are in bloom.

The Wisteria Aren’t Always In Bloom

The house in the feature photo above is actually named “Wisteria Porch.” And we often pass this house on our longer bicycle rides.

Thaddeus and I have both remarked that we haven’t seen wisteria blooming for the last year or two.

When we stopped to speak with the homeowners of Wisteria Porch, they confirmed that this is the first bloom in three years! I had no idea wisteria could be so finicky.

But when they bloom, it’s is truly a bounty of heavy, rich purplish flowers.

There are other spots along our bike ride with tons of cascading flowers this year. The wisteria seem to be making up for missed COVID years like many of us.

Current Knitting

Regained a little bit of progress on the Rios Slip Stitch afghan and it is really turning out exceptionally well (I think).

I’ve finished 7 of the 10 wide stripes and I have less than three stripes to go. This yarn makes a soft, warm and cozy fabric that will be a perfect afghan.

4 comments on “Wisteria In Bloom

  1. Wisteria is pretty, but evil. Hubs built a trellis and I put some in four years ago. Spent most of last summer trying to kill and remove it. It was lifting our roof and the roots were the size of my forearm and had traveled about 40 feet. I’m pretty sure it would have take on the foundation of the house. Worst garden mistake ever…like it was on steroids.

    The afghan is looking very nice!

  2. You have to train Wisteria on a very sturdy walkway pergola. My mother told me it was the only time my grandmother would allow the children to chew gum was to train the Wisteria by sticking the tendrils to the pergola. My favorite scent in THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, even better than lilacs,

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