It Never Goes Away 04-28-23

It Never Goes Away!

For some things it’s a good thing. For others it’s a bad thing. But when something get’s shared on the internet, it never goes away.

It May Be Hard To Find…But It Never Goes Away

Recently, I have been thinking about my internet roots. Like many of us, our only on-ramp alternative to the internet was AOL. And honestly, the sound of “You’ve got mail!” still makes me a little excited when I hear it.

As many of you know, I’ve been blogging for over 20 years now. And obviously, every post I’ve made in that time is still available.

How many of you are long-time readers who remember the “Newcomers’ Rules for QueerJoe’s Blog?”

The original intent of the newcomer rules was to make sure the comments forum of the blog remained vibrant and interesting. Unlike one of the other two knitting blogs being published at the time. Do you remember WendyKnits? She made amazing Fair Isle sweaters and socks and posted great photos and blog entries. She was incredibly prolific. Both with her knitting and her blogging. But many of her readers were insipid and boring when it came to commenting. Every post seemed to have at least thirty comments that were one word. “Stunning!” “Gorgeous!” “Beautiful!” And yes, they all had at least one exclamation mark.

I didn’t want that kind of lazy, sycophantic following on this blog. So I created rules about commenting.

Boy did those rules piss some people off! If you went by the comments back then, you’d think readers left QueerJoe in droves. But honestly, I learned two important concepts about the effect of the rules:

  1. Controversy generates a lot of activity. Including new readers. Way more new readers than I lost because of pissed off people.
  2. Rules, boundaries, guidelines all help people self-select whether to include themselves in a community. Or not. Those who chose not to include themselves turned out to be people I didn’t really want there anyway. Win-win.

Back To The Topic

Anyway, I wanted to find those rules. I went looking for it on my computer. And despite backing up and carrying forward millions of items over the years, it was no where to be found. So, I went to the trusty internet. The Internet Archive (or the Wayback Machine) allegedly has over 806 billion web pages saved and archived. Yes, that’s over three quarters of a TRILLION web pages.

For those who would like to read the controversial list, I was able to recreate the Newcomers’ Rules.

There’s little reason to reinstate the rules. My readership is of the caliber that I always wanted. Thank you for those who both self-selected into QueerJoe…and out of this community.

Current Knitting

I’m on the home stretch on the Rios Slip Stitch Afghan.

And it’s looking better and better. It’s quite amazing how this yarn and stitch pattern create an overall harmonious look.

Up until recently, the fourth stripe (purples and burnt umber combo) was my favorite. But now it’s the current color combo.

Rios Slip Stitch Afghan Lettuce and Pocion - 04-28-23 04

It’s Malabrigo Rios Lettuce and Pocion in case you need to own them.

7 comments on “It Never Goes Away!

  1. You really weren’t messing about with those rules – I can see why there was controversy! Nobody wants to be thought of as insipid.

    Lettuce and Pocion do look striking together and you’re right – even though the colours might be disparate, they sing nicely together.

  2. The big knitting subreddit (r/knitting) is having a similar moment as your rules. After weeks of being flooded with low-effort, easily Googleable posts (Is there a free pattern for the thing in this picture? Are my stitches twisted?), there are now two breakaway subreddits, r/knittinghelp and r/advancedknitting. I am a big fan of r/advancedknitting, because it is all finished projects and specific, interesting questions about fixing design or fit problems.

    Sometimes, I just want to see what other people who know what they are doing are working on.

  3. I don’t remember that list although I’m sure I’ve been following you for about 20 years now. I lived in Andersonville Chicago then and Franklin was just starting out. And yes, I am guilty of insipid comments but hopefully not here? I was wondering how heavy the blanket is. Cheers!

  4. Lol. Those rules and the possible consequences definitely set a certain tone of low tolerance for blasé comments! (There’s your exclamation mark).

    I’m trying to find the thermal knit beanie pattern. It’s not on Ravelry. I guess I should watch the YouTube video, but it would be cool
    If there was a search option for the blog. No idea how hard that would be to create though. There’s probably a good reason it’s not there.

    1. Thanks LauraRose – there is a search bar at the top of the blog (just click on the magnifying glass).

      But it’s not going to help. I’ve unpublished the blog entry describing how I make the Crochet Thermal Stitch beanie and also made the YouTube video private.

      The guy who really showed me how to make these hats is just about to publish the pattern and I didn’t want to give away his intellectual property. I also test-crocheted his hat and it’s ready to go. I reached out to him today and he’s planning on publishing the end of the week.

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