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Rios Slip Stitch Afghan

As I mentioned this past Friday, I was able to finish the Rios Slip Stitch Afghan. Just thought I’d give blog readers the full story about this project.

Who Owns The Rios Slip Stitch Afghan Design?

A local friend of mine is an artist. She includes fiber arts in her repertoire. As such, social media has presented her with a lot of advertisements for yarn-related businesses.

One of those promotional posts is from beWoolen Yarn & Supplies, selling their kit for a beautiful knitted afghan project. The kit includes 10 hanks of Malabrigo Rios, a beWoolen logo zip-top clear view tote, along with a full color printed pattern for a slip-stitch afghan. It retails for $182 plus shipping.

My friend wanted to knit this afghan, but knew she could get Malabrigo Rios for less than $18 a skein. She wasn’t willing to pay $182 for an afghan kit.

I told her that I could write her a pattern for a similar afghan if she wanted to buy her own Rios.

Then, I got offered two incredibly good sale offers for Malabrigo Rios for under $12 a hank. And shipping was free if I bought enough. So I bought enough for more than two afghans and offered to sell my friend any of it for my cost.

Seeing all this beautiful yarn, I decided to make the afghan myself. And then I found a pattern for a Rios slip stitch baby blanket.

It turns out this pattern has instructions for both a baby blanket AND and afghan. It looks like the same type of pattern for $5.

My friend is a relatively new knitter. She asked me to give her a simpler pattern for an afghan using Rios. She’s now working on a woven-stitch afghan (with i-cord edging).

And me…?

Finished Afghan

The finished afghan is just beautiful. It’s big, it’s soft and it’s truly gorgeous.

The finished measurements before blocking was about 48″x58″. Since Rios is superwash, it relaxes a lot when wet and blocked. Final size was about 57″x72″ after blocking.

All ready to give as a gift next week at the retreat!

2 comments on “Rios Slip Stitch Afghan

  1. oh gorgeous! I am trying to make lots of afghans and lap blankets for my family as my “legacy” to give them warm hugs now and when I’m gone. I would love a pattern like this. ICord edges are awesome too!

  2. It’s beautiful what great work. I’ve never done icord before. Enjoy your day Joe☮️💖

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