American_Mink 05-10-23

I Saw A Mink!

While on a bike ride with Thaddeus along the Delaware River, I saw a sleek, dark animal cross our path and go into the canal. I think I saw a mink!

I Thought It Was a Weasel – But I Saw A Mink Instead

I’m no naturalist. Despite all the wildlife we see along the river and canal on our bicycle rides, I am still surprised by some. We’ve seen tons of birds. We’ve seen foxes, deer, rabbits, muskrats, toads, frogs, and lots of turtles.

But the other day, something else crossed from the river-side of the towpath into the canal.

It was long and sleek and dark. I guessed it was a weasel. Thaddeus surmised it was probably hunting for goose eggs which are nesting right now. Though, some of the geese are hatched already, so it may have been looking for a young gosling. Since I didn’t get a photo, I did a bit of research and I’m pretty certain this is what we saw.

This area never ceases to amaze me. I am so fortunate to have access to such natural beauty.

Current Knitting

As I noted on Friday, the Rios Slip Stitch afghan is finished. So I just picked up the latest Crochet Thermal Stitch Beanie I was working on.

This one takes quite a bit longer than others because of the fine gauge. It’s lace-weight, silk yarn. and there are 150 stitches in each round.

rochet Thermal Stitch Beanie - 05-10-22 02

And since the thermal stitch needs two rounds to make the equivalent of one round in most crochet projects, it’s really 300 stitches per round.

I will keep working on this project until it’s a long enough beanie for me or when the yarn runs out. Although, I have to admit, this small cone of silk yarn seems like it’s neverending.

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  1. You are consistently surprising in your posts; that’s one of the many reasons I look forward to clicking on your emails. Who knew: mink in the wild! Sharing your current projects continues to be a source of inspiration. Though I haven’t crocheted in years, I have a new buddy who does. Between the two of you I’m entertaining the idea of picking up a hook again. The Thermal Stitich Beanie is tempting, gosh — especially in the colorway you’re using. But lace weight? Oy, you are brave, Joe. Thanks for your posts, especially during this time when the news each day is so upsetting.

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