QueerJoe On Retreat 05-12-23

QueerJoe On Retreat!

Trying to set expectations for the upcoming week. Tomorrow we open registration for the NorthEast Fall Men’s Fiber Retreat and Monday I leave for the Spring Retreat. QueerJoe is on retreat.

Retreat Organization- 05-12-23

QueerJoe On Retreat…Sort Of

As one of the coordinators of both the Fall and Spring retreats, I am never really on retreat. The pile of items to be jammed into my car on Monday morning is rather small by comparison to most years. But there’s still a lot to do.

For prior retreats, I have pledged to blog readers that I will continue to blog while I’m at Easton Mountain. And I really meant it when I wrote that. But I get so distracted by the incredibly wonderful venue and guys at the retreat, that i never really do blog while I’m there.

So, don’t expect much from me next week. I will try to post blog entries. But if I don’t, just know I am having a fantastic time in a heavenly place with extraordinary men.

Sometimes I am able to pre-write three blog entries. And then while I’m up at Easton Mountain, I can just add photos and post the pre-written entries. But with packing/organizing for the retreat next week and handling the registration for the retreat in September, I’m not making any promises.

Current Crochet

Good news…I did finish the latest crochet thermal stitch beanie in fine-gauge silk.

This hat is obviously not a good one for me, but I still really like it. The thermal stitch beanie design is one that I usually look good in, but not this one. I will either give this one away or try selling it at my craft shows at the end of the year.

I also need to start some new project to have while I’m at the retreat. I rarely work on any yarn projects when I’m at the retreats. I much prefer to socialize. But I want one in case I have the opportunity.

4 comments on “QueerJoe On Retreat!

  1. Dude. You gotta live your life. We love your blog, but real life events take priority.

    The beanie turned out great.

  2. Joe, I hope you have a great time at the retreats. Enjoying a few days working together with friends is indispensable for the happiness that you take home with you. I’m sure that all of your work in organizing these events is greatly appreciated.

    I like your thermal-stitch beanie, and plan to try making one in the near future. However, I will probably add a few inches in order to create a folded cuff at the end to make the fit slightly easier to wear.

    I’ve followed your blog for quite some time, and enjoy the smiles you send. I don’t often respond to them, but thanks for keeping up whenever it is possible. Little gaps now and then are certainly understandable for somone like you with a healthy, interesting, and ongoing schedule that keeps you busy and satisfied.

    With best wishes for more great blog updates.

  3. Have the most fantastic time at the retreat! Look forward to your and others’ posts about it. Great beanie and it will look great on whoever is the lucky recipient. Best wishes!

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