Joy Postponed MSKR 2023 05-22-23 01

Joy Postponed

I don’t recommend postponing joy if you can avoid it. But having postponed joy from last May to this May made it all the sweeter.

Joy Postponed Can Make It Even More Joyous

There were a lot of factors that made the 2023 Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat so fantastic. The guys were extraordinary this retreat. The weather was fantastic. And honestly, there wasn’t a pall over the event of worrying incessantly about COVID this year.

But for me, having had to miss last year’s May retreat, made this year’s retreat all that much more wonderful.

There is no knitting content. As many of you know I really don’t do much stitching when I’m at the retreats. I prioritize socializing and being with people over handiwork.

So after I went through a bit of PTSD taking a COVID Test…

MSKR 2023 - COVID Test

…and Thaddeus helped me play Tetris with packing up my car…he’s much better at it than I am!

MSKR 2023 - Car Packed 05-22-23 01

And then after a long and annoying experience with Apple navigation, I finally met up with Aaron and his neighbor and these two guys.

MSKR 2023 - Pedicures Joe Bob Doug 05-22-23 01

Lunch and pedicures and MUCH merriment was had. And then we headed over to Easton Mountain.

MSKR 2023 - Joe Easton Mountain Arrival.
MSKR 2023 - Joe Easton Mountain Arrival.

Anyone see anything interesting in this photo?

The beauty of this place is one aspect of why the retreats are so awesome. So today’s gallery of photos is only on the property.

It’s still even more joyous sorting through, editing and posting these photos. Makes me wish September was even closer than it is.

5 comments on “Joy Postponed

  1. Thanks, again, Joe for organizing this awesome retreat. I felt welcomed and supported. I met many great-souled men. You, Derek, and Aaron have fostered a beautiful community. You have my gratitude.

    1. What a pleasure and a joy to meet you Tom. I will be forever grateful that only the amazing guys find their way to these retreats. Glad you’re one of them.

  2. Came back to look at the sign picture again. Oh dear. “Not a sock”. I think I have figured it out perhaps. 😂 You do
    Look quite fit though!

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