Assholes Opt Out

Assholes Opt Out

Have you ever been part of a community or a group where there’s always at least one or two assholes? Why can’t the assholes opt out automatically?

At The Men’s Knitting Retreats – Assholes Opt Out Automatically!

We get an amazing array of men at the Men’s Knitting Retreats. Introverts, extroverts, guys with social anxiety, exuberant guys and quiet guys. There are quirky men and funny men and even conservative men. There are outdoorsy types and fancy types.

But for some unknown and miraculous reason, the assholes self-select to stay away.

We’ve had one or two exceptions to this odd occurrence. But even those exceptions realized quickly that the retreats are not for them. And they didn’t come back.

This may be a bad way of marketing the retreats. “What if they consider me an asshole?” you might ask. But I honestly think there aren’t a whole of lot of guys in the men’s knitting community who are real jerks. Perhaps the self-reflection required to take on an unexpected hobby like fiber-crafts helps make you automatically a decent guy?

Just a theory.

One other theory is that we really lucked out the first time and got a fantastic group of guys. And each subsequent year, the old-timers modeled social behavior for the new guys. Again…just a theory.

At this latest retreat last week, we had 34 guys and 9 of them were never at a Men’s Knitting Retreat. That’s a high percentage of new guys for our retreats. And yet every single one of them was amazing.

Take a look at the guys that showed up this year.

MSKR 2023 - Group Photo

Current Crochet

Or actually, Tunisian Crochet!

Recently I saw an example of Tunisian Crochet Mesh Stitch. I had a big cone of Rowan California Cotton (in color Oyster), so I thought I’d see what I could make.

Any thoughts on what this is currently intended to be?

7 comments on “Assholes Opt Out

  1. Am I the only one wondering about the picture of the sign?
    I immediately thought you looked trimmer/more fit…then I saw something red. A sock?

    1. First of all, I worked so hard on looking fit and then I saw this photo of me and thought I looked bloated…so thank you.

      Second, the red is NOT a sock. Think KiwiJames for when he was there.

  2. This looks like it was such a wonderful experience. Joy, indeed, and so happy for all of you that it is no longer postponed! <3

  3. O, Joe, I should look so bloated! I agree with Pattie’s comment, and will add that you look quite handsome and aglow. The group photo made me smile the second I saw it. I agree completely with your theory regarding men who knit/crochet; we seem to be a loving, compassionate, and all-around good bunch of guys. The knitting tables I’ve attended through the years affirms that all genders of knitters are generally asshole-less, though there are the notable exceptions. Do guys from all around the nation join your retreats or are the east-coast only? I’m so, so tempted to travel east for one.

    1. Thanks Fred…you’re always so kind. Guys come from all over the World for some of these retreats. This past May we had 4 guys from Canada and 1 from Germany. In past retreats, we’ve had guys from the U.K., New Zealand, Chile, and Australia.

      You’d love the retreat and fit right in with this amazing group of guys.

  4. Hello,
    At first, please excuse my bad english.
    Sometimes words don’t mean the same, and we don’t have the same culture, depending on the environment. Not to mention that clear rules are not always enonciated.

    I remember the music bands in wich I plaid, and the fact is, that the refential behavior was not the same for each of us. It can make a huge diffence. I plaid with english people and in this group, the rules were those of a good english society, and mostly implicit, which we french people call an hypocrit behaviour. And I personnally not always understood the referential. Other example : for a few years, christmas giveaways are the new referential between members of associations. I can imagine that some people who draw a net line between family and external activities, are complete assholes regarding the new rule.

    So I wonder if the first question is not “what is an asshole” in each different group ?
    And the second question is : are the number of individuals in the group and its longevity a solid criteria ? One can imagine that the referential changes over time.

    P.S. : I long for time to knit/weave/crochet all the wonderful things you make together ! Cannot wait to see what you will make with your tunisian mesh stitch.

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