MSKR 2023 Talent Learning and a Roadtrip

Talent, Learning and a Roadtrip

Three essential components of the Men’s Spring Fiber Retreat are talent, learning and a roadtrip.

When You Bring Together Talent, Learning and a Roadtrip

Honestly, these three components are probable the most focused on, but the least important to the retreat. Go back to the last post to read about the most important aspect of the retreat.

But it’s difficult to sell some vague notion of an experience of community. So when guys ask “What happens at a retreat?” we can respond with Show ‘n Tell, Workshops and a Roadtrip.


This year, we had an amazing display of talent at the Show ‘n Tell. We spend Friday night in the great room showing off any items we’ve made. The items are then sent around the room so the guys can see them more closely and touch and feel them.

I showed the Rios Slip Stitch Afghan (before it got presented to the recipients) and my Mulespun Cardigan. Here’s some photos of the other guys’ items.


This year, seven of us presented eight workshops at the retreat:

  • Intro to Weaving with Dave
  • Sock Knitting 101 with Tom
  • Beginner Spindle Spinning with Aaron
  • Crochet Harness Design with Dan
  • Mini-Jumpers with Greg
  • One and Three-Color Brioche with Tom
  • Two-Handed Stranded Knitting with me
  • Intro to Portuguese-Style Knitting with James
  • There was also an impromptu demonstration of a 3-D printed Circular Sock Knitting Machine that Dave printed – we got it to do 1×1 and 3×1 ribbing with some adjustments…very exciting!

I didn’t get photos of all the workshops, but here are some of them.

Three nights and four days of wonderful fun…I can’t wait to go back in September for the Fall retreat (although the agenda and format of the retreat is different in the Fall).


Finally, we schedule a roadtrip for the Spring retreat each year. It’s often a farm or fiber mill. This year, we went to Hickory Hill Fiber Farm. They raise llamas, angora goats and giant angora rabbits.

During this trip, Derek kissed a llama…and I think he liked it.

Current Tunisian Crochet

I’ve made quite a bit of progress on this lovely fabric.

No one has guessed what I’m making. Any thoughts? If it’s any help, the width of the piece is about 52″ (132 cm).

Tunisian Crochet 05-29-23 03

It’s cotton, which I usually hate working with. But I’m enjoying it with this Tunisian crochet stitch. And I’m loving the fabric it’s making.

2 comments on “Talent, Learning and a Roadtrip

  1. Your knitting retreats have created not just a very tight community but also a ‘family’ whose last name is Fiber. I love seeing post retreat pictures. It’s as if you all take turns knocking it out of the park—that knitting machine…….It makes me want to go out and purchase a 3D printer.

    I’m am happing dancing for you all.

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