Its Live - Thermal

It’s LIVE!!!

Yes, it’s live and it’s really quite fantastic. Not only is the Crochet Thermal Stitch Beanie a great design, but you can also make one with a ponytail hole in the back.

It’s Live, It’s Completely Reversible and It’s Fun!

LauraRose noted in comments that the instructions for the Crochet Thermal Stitch Beanie and the associated YouTube video were no longer available on my blog.

She’s correct. The minute that I found out that the guy who posted photos and notes about this hat on Facebook was going to publish a pattern, I pulled my “spoilers.” Tony generously shared his tips on making these hats, so I thought that the least I could do was to not steal his thunder when he published the pattern.

And I have DEFINITELY crocheted a few of these beauties.

And I even had the chance to test-crochet Tony’s pattern and it’s really well done.

Supporting an Emerging Designer

Tony is relatively new to both crochet and to designing. But immediately, he sees stitches, textures and patterns in a way that he can make garments that are innovative and beautiful.

This is the EXACT kind of designer I want to encourage and support.

So, please go check out Tony’s Thermal Beanie w/ Ponytail Hole pattern and purchase it.

Even if you don’t crochet, I’m more than happy to help anyone learn to make one of these hats.

Current Tunisian Crochet

It may not look like I’ve made any progress since Monday…

…but it feels like I’ve been crocheting non-stop. I guess this fabric doesn’t grow as fast as other projects. Especially when it’s 295 stitches each row.

5 comments on “It’s LIVE!!!

  1. Pattern purchased! As a new crocheter who is also left-handed, I hope I can find a tutorial on the thermal stitch. However, I generally love learning new things on my own, so I’m sure I will be making this eventually whether I find a tutorial or not. 🙂

  2. I did find a few nice tutorials in you tube about the thermal stitch and so probably didn’t really need the pattern per second but I bought it and printed it out—always nice to have a paper copy for “knitting out of range” and it’s good to support people with gumption. Also the pony tail hole is definitely Not something I would have bothered to figure out on my own. Thanks for encouraging the “young” folks, Joe!

  3. Your powers of persuasion, Joe, have guided me to purchasing the pattern in support of an up-and-coming designer. Even though I haven’t picked up a crochet hook except to corral a dropped stitch or edge a knitted project in decades, I’ve been admiring your various beanies lo these months. As soon as I finish these two pairs of socks for a friend’s b’day gift, it’s off to Youtubeland for me. If the cutie in the top two photos is Tony, well, yay.

  4. Pattern purchased as support for a new designer and a gift for a friend. Hopefully I will get a hat out of the deal!

    1. First of all, thank you for supporting this. Second of all, great idea about buying it as a gift for someone that might actually make one for you! Brilliant way for knitters to support a crochet designer.

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