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Encourage The Qualities You Want To Persist

Individual outrage against bad behavior has little impact on change. Encourage the qualities you want to persist to see real change.

Encourage The Qualities – Especially If You Can Do It Unselfishly

First, full disclosure. No matter how unselfishly I try to act, there is always some benefit I derive from encouraging others. The dichotomy is that acting selflessly automatically makes you a better person. Which means that you can never really act selflessly. Or not with at least some benefit derived from the action.

Sorry…didn’t mean to make your brain hurt.

That being said, not being distracted by the fruits of my actions, helps to make sure I act as selflessly as possible. Make sense? Years ago, a friend told me to always nurture the tree. The fruits will come when you do, but don’t be distracted by the fruits…just keep nurturing the tree.

So, first of all, thank you all for the amazing response to Tony’s hat pattern.

In promoting his work, I did receive some personal benefit. There was a lot of credit I received for bringing his design to light for many people. I got a lot of blog attention. I got a lot of appreciation from the designer for my help.

Also, please know that I’ve never met the designer in-person. I get no financial reward from any success he may have with the pattern. In fact, even when I help test and/or edit anyone’s pattern, I almost always purchase the final pattern to help support the designer (like many of you did with this one).

Mostly, I saw and eager designer who saw a stitch pattern and design in a different way. He was eager to share his creativity. And he had other ideas about which he was inspired. So there will hopefully more from his design studio in the future.

I will always encourage that in any way I can. Thank you for those of you who did the same.

Thermal Beanie Crochet-Along

If anyone would like some support in making a thermal beanie, I’d be more than happy to do some sort of free group workshop or crochet-along. Leave a comment that you’d be interested and I’ll work to set something up.

Current Tunisian Crochet

Two issues I’m having with my current project. The first issue I’ve been having from the beginning. Fitting 295 stitches on a Tunisian Crochet Hook is a bit more cramped than I’d prefer. Secondly, as the crocheted fabric begins to grow, it gets heavier and heavier on the end of the hook.

Fortunately, it’s only a few more inches before I start shaping and having fewer stitches on the hook. And I’m also still really enjoying it.

4 comments on “Encourage The Qualities You Want To Persist

  1. Do circular crochet hooks exist? I stopped using straight knitting needles in part because of the weight issue.

    1. Good suggestions…and yes, they have come up with Tunisian Crochet hooks with cables which would definitely help with the weight – https://amzn.to/3Cf9tMh

      I just debate adding MORE tools to my extensive set of existing fiber tools. But I will if my hand/wrist starts to hurt.

  2. Hi, Joe,

    I’m interested in a Thermal Beanie workshop.

    Cheers and thanks, happy weekend and beginning of Pride Month. Let’s see how many corporate sponsors will metaphorically or actually place their merchandise in the back of the store.

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