Comfortable With Yarn Chicken - Rowan California Cotton Cone

Comfortable With Yarn Chicken

I’ve gotten to a stage in my yarn-work where it wouldn’t bother me to rip out hours of work. So, I’m quite comfortable with yarn chicken.

Even With A Large Cone – I Still Need To Be Comfortable With Yarn Chicken

My current project started with a ridiculously large cone of Rowan California Cotton. I couldn’t imagine that I’d ever NOT have enough yarn for this project.

But as I’ve progressed, the Tunisian crochet mesh stitch seems to be eating up the yarn quite quickly. And so now I’m wondering if I’ll have enough.

Immediately, I thought of different ways I could extend the yarn. Adding a wide stripe of color. Starting to mix in a different shade of California Cotton I have in stash. Revising the design so it takes up less yarn.

But I also thought, “What’s the worst…I have to rip out the entire garment?” And the thought wasn’t horrifying or worrying. It wasn’t even mildly anxiety-inducing.

I’m starting to get relaxed in my old age.

I’m also about to start shaping the fabric for this project. And I’m honestly not sure I’m planning it correctly. The whole design idea might not really work.

Here’s how I see it. I’ve learned a new stitch pattern. I’ve really enjoyed the process of working this fabric. The whole idea of designing on the hook is enjoyable to me…even the unknown parts I haven’t thought through very much in my head.

I like where I am in my life these days…very relaxed.

Current Tunisian Crochet

With the weekend, I intended to get a bit more finished on this garment.

Friday night, there was an event I had forgotten about, so it kept me from progressing as much as I might have. But I am on the verge of starting to add shaping. You may even be able to figure out what this will be soon.

4 comments on “Comfortable With Yarn Chicken

  1. I have been this way for years. Suddenly decide I made the wrong size? Start over. Do t like the way the yarn looks at that gauge? Start over. Looks like not enough yarn? Yep, Start over.

    I love knitting and the process as well as the finished objects. I am happy to knit as long as it takes to have something I love at the end.

  2. I am not sure I understand your expression yarn chicken. I feel it means all fears related to yarn when knitting. I cannot express it in French without being very specific. In the English expression, the word chicken is umbrella-like, is it correct? Thank you for your most interesting and instructive writings.

    1. Sorry Ginette…there are many layers of slang in this post today. Technically, chicken is simply the bird many of us eat (le poulet). In English, we call a someone who is a coward, a chicken. In a game of “yarn chicken”, the player who loses courage and stops knitting for fear of running out of yarn is the chicken. So, it’s not all fears related to knitting…just the fear of running out of yarn. And thank you for your nice words about the blog.

      Désolé Ginette… il y a beaucoup de couches d’argot dans ce post aujourd’hui. Techniquement, le poulet est simplement l’oiseau que beaucoup d’entre nous mangent (le poulet). En anglais, on appelle quelqu’un qui est un lâche, un poulet. Dans un jeu de « yarn chicken », le joueur qui perd courage et arrête de tricoter de peur de manquer de fil est le “chicken”. Donc, ce ne sont pas toutes des peurs liées au tricot… juste la peur de manquer de fil. Et merci pour vos gentils mots sur le blog.

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