Measure Twice Cut Once

Measure Twice Cut Once

Any carpenter or person who sews will tell you that to avoid a bad mistake, it’s better to measure twice and cut once.

Yes – I Should Measure Twice And Cut Once Myself

Or in my case, calculate twice and crochet once. But that’s sometimes the danger of designing on the hook.

First of all, the “big reveal” of what I’m currently making is somewhat overshadowed by having to rip back all my progress since Monday.

Yes, I’m making a cardigan. The large rectangle of fabric I’ve been making the last couple of weeks was going to be the bottom of the garment.

When I finally got to the part where I was going to do shaping for the front sections and the arm holes, I took great care to do a detailed schematic of the garment. I calculated my gauge. Then, I drew in the slope of the front button band and collar and also the neck opening. I calculated the number of stitches for each of the shaping rows for the arm hole. All of this was drawn out and calculated before I started.

At one point as I’m stitching along at a fast pace, I realized I had used the wrong number of total stitches in the section I had already completed. Oh shit.

Current Tunisian Crochet

After all the less-than-careful calculations were completed, I finished the left-front-top of the cardigan. But then when I went to start the right-front-top, my numbers weren’t adding up.

Tunisian Crochet 06-07-23 01

That’s when I realized my mistake and re-did all the calculations.

Tunisian Crochet 06-07-23 02

I’ve ripped back to before all the shaping. The one good part about both cotton and Tunisian crochet is that it’s really easy to rip back.

And by the way, I’m still not sure that I’ll have enough yarn to finish this garment even after I’ve gone back and corrected my mistakes.

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