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Getting My Own House In Order

With smoky wildfires, former presidents being federally indicted and a hateful bigot dying, I can only work on getting my own house in order.

When Chaos Reigns Getting My Own House In Order Is What I Do

On Wednesday, we went out biking in the morning. The smoke of the wildfires was visible, but not so thick as to obscure much. Later that day, it was clear we should have stayed inside all day. The world had turned into a sepia photograph.

Delaware River Sepia Smoky Wildfires 06-09-23

Yesterday, the man who incessantly blamed hurricanes and diseases on homosexuality died.

For the triple-crown, Trump was indicted in Federal Court.

The last two news items should probably have made me happy, but honestly, they just seemed really sad. Sad that either of these two men could not just have existed, but were celebrated by a large number of people. The damage these two men have caused is shocking. But even more sad is that the millions of people who supported them continue to be supportive of their hateful causes.

So I decided on some rigorous self-care. And part of that self-care was finally re-organizing my craft area.

In addition to all the spinning, carding, knitting, crocheting, sewing and weaving paraphernalia I store in my craft area, I also store my craft show items and the Men’s Knitting Retreat materials. When I get home from a Men’s Knitting Retreat, I unload and dump everything there as well. The last thing I want to do is sort, organize and put away all the remnants of a completed retreat. So various boxes, bags and fiber-related items have been crowding my craft area for the last few weeks.

It’s now all put away and organized for the retreat in September. And I feel a bit more sane.

It makes me look forward to the joy and serenity that awaits me at the next retreat. I don’t have to focus on the whirlwind of crazy that is the World right now.

Current Tunisian Crochet

After ripping back because of the design miscalculation, I have not only recouped my lost work, but made some gains since Wednesday.

It’s actually starting to look like a cardigan, no?

4 comments on “Getting My Own House In Order

  1. The majority of people in the world are good and decent, we hope. Things have improved in our life times, but you have to stay on guard for the Trumps and Bigots. Nine years ago huge swathes of my part of England was flooded from December to February. A MP said it was because Britain allowed same sex marriage. Can’t help thinking(as a non-believer)that God has more to worry about.
    Look after yourself in any smoke, you are one of the good ones.

  2. We are in complete agreement, Joe, about the evil that some can do. In addition to ourselves, including our homes, we can heal by voting. Let’s be sure to get our community of knitters, crocheters, spinners, weavers, and all things fiberous out to vote. Cheers to you.

  3. Hope seeing my messy room was inspirational. You even have a sewing machine. This is definitely better than reading the news and more satisfying. Hopefully you let go of some stuff and made room for new. This keeps us sane.

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