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A Post-COVID World?

I found myself in my favorite local (somewhat local) restaurant yesterday asking, are we in a post-COVID world…yet?

What Is a Post-COVID World?

First of all, I hate this expression. I don’t think we’ll ever be fully past COVID.

But I also remember back to when Thaddeus had first read about this emerging novel virus. His response seemed overly reactionary to me at the time. I’m not sure anymore what he read, but he was certain we would go into lock-down before most people had even heard of COVID-19. He insisted that we go to Costco immediately and pick up canned goods that would last us through a few months if necessary.


We did go to Costco before the masses went and wiped out the supplies of toilet paper and hand sanitizer. And it turned out that we really hadn’t needed a case of canned chicken. But Thaddeus’ ideas about what this virus would look like was pretty accurate.

He also didn’t want to tell me, but he knew immediately that I’d have to cancel the Men’s Knitting Retreat that was scheduled for May of 2020. It seemed unthinkable. Surely this would resolve before then.

Fast forward a little more than 3 years laters.

We just had a successful May Men’s Knitting Retreat with 35 guys. No masks, but we did confirm vaccination and a negative COVID test for all of the guys before arriving.

The assisted living place we visit every week to see our friend Charles still has us fill out a screening form where we note our latest booster shot date and our current body temperature. But there are no masks. And no restrictions on hanging out in common areas. In fact, they’ve even re-opened the dining room to outside guests if Charles wants to share a meal with us.

We went back to our favorite local-ish restaurant yesterday. The staff were wearing masks, but none of the diners were. We even considered that the staff were wearing masks because of the smoke from wildfires here in the Northeast. But we were inside with air conditioning. I would guess the masks were for COVID prevention.

Overall, I will say that planning for future events (like the Men’s Knitting Retreats) has become less worrisome. I’m back to taking for granted that we will be able to meet safely and stay in good health. Ticks seemed to be a bigger concern this past May than COVID. COVID-related deaths in the U.S. are under 1,000 per week. And as we plan for the September NorthEast Men’s Fall Knitting Retreat, I will again question whether we need to confirm vaccinations/boosters and get proof of a negative test result.

How’s your life looking lately related to COVID?

Current Tunisian Crochet

I continued to make so good progress on the current cotton cardigan.

I finished the top/back sections and have just started the top/front/right section. Soon onto the sleeves!

5 comments on “A Post-COVID World?

  1. I would urge you to continue to require proof of vaccination and a negative test for future men’s knitting retreats. You might even consider testing *during* the retreats, at least for yourself, to be certain. Yes, I’m very conservative on this issue. I’ve eaten in a restaurant exactly once since March 2020, and feel like I dodged one.

    Long COVID is a real concern, and I believe we will be dealing with this virus for the remainder of my life, and yours (and I don’t plan on checking out any time soon—hope to beat my mom’s 93 years, and I’m 72 and a half).

    It’s in animals now, in the wild (deer etc.), so that’s a reservoir.

  2. I’ll remember 2022 as a terrible year for us : in march my beloved were told he has a cancer, and immediately after the first chemio-therapy, we had covid, although we were accurately vaccinated. After a week he couldn’t breath anymore and wad led to a coma during two months. Now with 25 kg lost, he’s still very weak, breath with difficulties, and doesn’t recover. obviously, we are very very careful nowadays.
    Let us think about immunodepressed people, of course, but not only : a very healthy person can suffer long covid.

    About your cardigan in mesh stitch : how do you deal with rolling on the edges ? Is it just a question of crochet size, or the stitch itself, or will you crochet an edge after completing the cardigan ? Thank you for your answer !

    1. Thank you Marie-Hélène – I’m sorry this has been such a difficult period for your and your beloved. A good thing to keep in mind as we work to stay healthy.

      For the fabric on the mesh stitch cardigan, I think I can use an iron to press it flat (since it’s cotton) and the weight of the fabric hanging down will keep it flat. If it doesn’t I will just add a crochet border.

      1. Joe, thank you for your kind words. Let us be careful.
        About mesh stitch : I never tried with cotton, but indeed, tunisian crochet has more weight, and doesn’t get floppy. I like the “weaving” aspect very much, and maybe I could give it a try as a cardigan too !

  3. My brother and his family got it in the beginning. They live in San Fran. There was a moment when he thought he wasn’t going to make it. Then my sister-in-law. I couldn’t breathe I was so scared. Since then they’ve had it three times at least. She’s a doctor so she can’t get away from it. To my knowledge I haven’t had it. Which is crazy because I just left teaching and I’m sure I was exposed repeatedly. My only worry is my mom. She’s 86 and has Alzheimers. I care for her at home. My close friends have had it. I know school personnel that ended up in icu. Others no symptoms. It seems as random as it ever was. I rarely see masks when I’m out and about. Last time I traveled was to get my mom and that was a couple of years ago.

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