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I Could Be Vegetarian – Maybe?

A long time ago, for about a year, Thaddeus and I dabbled with being vegetarian. So I could be vegetarian.

Perhaps I Could Be Vegetarian Again

For the year that we didn’t eat meat, my only complaint was that it was too much work.

Thaddeus is incredibly good at meal planning and the associated shopping that goes with it. Every once in a while we’ll be at the grocery store and he’ll ask “Do we need sour cream?” or something like that. And I’ll be like, “How the fuck would I know?!?!” Because honestly, there are very few ingredients for dishes or foodstuffs we have on the side of meals that I track. Thaddeus is like a walking smart-refrigerator who knows when we need to buy more of anything. He also does about 90 percent of the cooking in our house.

So if we were to re-consider going vegetarian, he’d have to take on the lion’s share of the work. Although, the 10 percent of time that I cook is anytime we have any Asian food (Chinese or Indian food), so perhaps I’d do more cooking in a vegetarian household. Then again, we could just to try and hire someone who knows how to cook Indian food. In our minds, nobody does better vegetarian food than Indian cooks.

I would miss a few dishes I’ve come to love. Thaddeus makes a chicken sofrito dish that is incredibly sumptuous. And one of the Thai dishes I make is chicken red curry that I just love.

Not sure I’m ready to switch to eating vegetarian. Especially since I haven’t even discussed it with the main meal planner. But I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately.

Crochet-A-Long – Thermal Beanie With Ponytail Hole

Its Live - Thermal

I offered to do a virtual crochet-a-long with Tony’s Thermal Stitch Beanie with Ponytail Hole pattern. Fred was the only one who requested it, so I’ve scheduled a 2-hour session tomorrow at 1:00 PM (Eastern U.S./Canada time) via video chat with Fred. But anyone else who has the pattern is welcome to join us…just leave a comment that you’d like to join and I’ll send you the link. You’ll need to bring a US I (letter i) crochet hook and worsted weight yarn along with your copy of the pattern.

Current Tunisian Crochet

I was almost finished with the front-left-top of the cardigan and had to rip back a lot of work. Despite that, I recouped all of the ripped out section and finished the body of the cardigan.

You’ll notice I started the first sleeve as well. Marie-Hélène asked me what I was going to do with the curling fabric. I’m pretty certain the weight of the cotton along with a little bit of ironing will eliminate that curl, but I could also just easily add a crochet border to the bottom.

3 comments on “I Could Be Vegetarian – Maybe?

  1. I am vegan just because of my love for all living things. What is shown in the picture here I could eat for every meal! Looks totally scrumptious!

  2. The chicken recipe look wonderful. I used to make sofrito and keep it in the freezer. I’ll have to make some again and try this recipe.
    I’ve been watching a vegan podcast and am intrigued to try some of the recipes. https://www.youtube.com/@RainbowPlantLife
    I would like to join your crochet-a-long. I may be totally lost.
    Your cardigan is looking great!
    Best wishes for more June.

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