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Fudge A Little

When it comes to baking or yarn-crafting, there seems to be a bit of wiggle room to fudge a little. I think.

It’s Okay To Fudge A Little – No?

Kevin, a local knitter is trying to set up a meet-up for guys who do yarn-work. We had our first group this past Saturday at his house. I wanted to bring something, so I decided to bake some toll house cookies.

I took out the butter early to soften, and then later I started to pull out all the ingredients. The huge Costco bag of chocolate chips didn’t seem to have very many chocolate chips in it. Turns out, someone had been snacking on them. There was probably about half as many as the recipe called for.

But I had some Hershey’s Kisses hanging around. I figured I could supplement the chocolate in the cookie by adding a Kiss to the top of each cookie right after I took it out of the oven.

It worked fine.

Similar fudging happens all the time in my knitting and crocheting.

As I’m working on the sleeves of my latest garment, there is a lot of shaping going on each side.

Tunisian Crochet Sleeve Shaping 06-21-23 02

Gradual shaping toward the cuff, and more shaping as I near the top of the sleeve. I’ve never worked with Tunisian mesh stitch before, so I’m just kind of making up how to increase. So far, I like the increase-edges. We’ll see what I think once I sew up the seam inside of the sleeve. I also miscalculated the increase-to-length ratio. I wanted a 22-inch sleeve, but it took me to 23 inches to get the number of increases I needed.

I figure there is always wiggle room. I can just do a hemmed cuff at the bottom to eliminate some of the length if I need to.

Current Tunisian Crochet

I’m well into my second sleeve.

And even though I miscalculated the first sleeve, I plan on doing the second sleeve the same way. I’ll just fudge both of them similarly if I need to! Still a little less than halfway through the second sleeve and looking like I’ll have enough yarn to finish at least the sleeves.

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  1. That stitch makes a really cool fabric. Fudging is a way of life for me. Sometimes, things have to perfect, but usually I can make what I already have work. And there’s times it’s even better than my original plan. I guess the trick is knowing when it’ll be fine and when it really won’t.
    Those cookies look great. I did something similar with pb cups- they were delicious but not as pretty.

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