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What’s Next?

One of the more common questions I hear yarn-enthusiasts utter is, “What’s next?” Especially after a larger project.

So, What’s Next For QueerJoe?

It always seems as though the expression, “When it rains, it pours” is an apt description for project ideas for me. Either I’ve got way more ideas than I’ll ever have time to complete, or I am at a complete blank for what to do next.

Honestly, both of those situations are good for me.

When I have way too many projects, I just pick the one with the highest priority. When I feel stalled by the “blank canvas” of project landscapes, I start culling through my yarn stash and library for ideas. I also have almost 20 years of blogging history to look back through. And with a pretty extensive stash of yarn, needles, hooks and other tools, I am rarely at a lack of project ideas for very long. Sometimes it’s difficult to find a project that inspires me, but something always comes along.

With the completion of the Tunisian Mesh Cardigan, I have plenty of project ideas to choose from right now. And the highest priority is knitting scarves that will be gifts for the staff and volunteers at Easton Mountain. One of the guys at the September Men’s Knitting Retreat has organized a scarf-gifting for the retreat center staff and volunteers. He did a hat-gifting program last year, so now they need scarves. I’ll be making a few scarves that will be donated.

If anyone has a special scarf design that guys love getting as a gift, let me know and I’ll add it to my queue.

Current Knitting/Crochet

Finished! Yes, the Tunisian crochet mesh cardigan is complete.

I added about an inch or so of single-crochet border at the bottom and did one final test-drive of the sweater. The length is just where I wanted it and the curl is gone. Weaving in the last few ends and steam-blocking (more like ironing) finished the sweater off perfectly.

I even had a little time to start the next project.

NEMFKR 2023 Scarf Gifting 06-30-23 01

Simple bias-garter scarf alternating yarn colorways. This design is always a favorite of non-knitter-guys who like a simple design with some color. We’ll see how popular it is in September.

6 comments on “What’s Next?

  1. I don’t know what guys like–I never have–but one of my favorite default scarf patters is a reversible cable scarf. Fantastic stash buster. If you need a link, LMK.

  2. How have you avoided a major modeling career, Joe? Seriously. I was not wild about your cardigan as it evolved but now that it’s completed and blocked, it’s pretty darned gorgeous on you. Congratulations!

    Men’s scarf suggestions: Dubbel by Seth Richardson (great designer from Portland, OR); Paper Caves by Kate Davies; Moonbumps by Max of Les Garcons; Zelda Feels Pretty by Scott Rohr (actually a slim, nicely textured scard so that we guys get to feel pretty too); The Manly Scarf (really) by Mary Fellman; Don’t You Love Semi-Colons by Fred G. (smile).

    Cheers to you and many thanks again for these posts as they are day-brighteners.

  3. Oh, my! The cardigan is nice, but l absolutely love the neckband that you created. That really makes the cardigan a cut above!

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