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Baby On Board?

The “Baby On Board” placards were on thousands of minivans and station wagons a number of years ago and they’re starting to have a resurgence.

What Is The Purpose of a Baby On Board Warning Sign?

I have always thought that this car signage for hyper-worried parents was an idiotic idea. I’m assuming these stupid little plastic signs aren’t very expensive, but why would anyone put them in their car.

Do parents actually think that other drivers will be more careful around a car with one of these stuck to the inside of a rear windshield? Or do they think that in the midst of an inevitable automobile accident, a driver will decide to crash into the car without one of these signs instead of their car?!?!

I’ve heard the theory that first-responders will see the sign and know there’s an infant in the car. But if it takes a sign for a first-responder to check for an infant, I wouldn’t put that much faith in the first-responder’s ability to help said infant anyway.

How about this one instead?

No Baby On Board

As a former asshole-driver (yes, for years I drove like a complete asshole…sorry), I can verify that these signs are a waste of money.

Current Knitting

I had a lot of intentions of trying to finish up the second scarf in just a couple of days. It’s going to take at least a couple of couple of days!

At least you can see more of the fabric/texture/color of scarf. But I’m about 2/3rds finished with the scarf. It’s a lot of stitches (340 sts per row) and it’s finer-gauge, so it grows slowly.

2 comments on “Baby On Board?

  1. An scarf….
    At least a couple of a couple of….. weeks for me.
    You are on fire.
    Best wishes for July

  2. How about this for still another placard: “My Gay Card was laminated before guys had babies.”

    Cheers from heat-advised Eugene, OR.

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