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Summer Time

As the Louis Armstrong song states, “Summertime and the livin’ is easy…” And for me, it is…I love Summer time.

My Favorite Parts About Summer Time

First of all, I love the heat. I watch our cat Finn wander all over our house on sunny days looking for a warm sun-puddle to lay in. I must have been a cat in a prior life. I can totally relate to this nomadic following of the sun.

In the Northeast, depending on the amount of rain or drought, Summer can be some of the most lush, and wild and green landscape in the country. I was talking to a friend one time about looking for a possible retirement home in the Southwest. She said she hated living there and I would too. She said everything is brown and tan and I would miss the lush greenness of the Northeast. I think she’s right.

Sumer Lush Steps Washington Crossing

Finally, the Summer reminds me of my youth. I can still remember the time of seemingly endless freedom to play, explore. Riding my bicycle, going to the shore, hanging out with friends and so on and so on.

Spring is just a mere promise of a time when I’ll feel more free and Fall is the threat of oncoming freezing weather. And you can imagine how I feel about the worst season of them all. For me, I’ll take Summer anytime.

Current Knitting

I’m still debating on whether or not I’ll publish the pattern for the Koknar Scarf. If I do, it will be inexpensive. Mostly because it’s really just a clever stitch pattern technique. But to be able to publish the design, I’ll need at least two more examples of the scarf. I’m almost finished with the second (of three) demo models.

This one I call Irish Rows and Furrows. The green is much more pronounced than the photos show, and it doesn’t have the white of the Irish flag. But it still looks very Irish to me.

I’ll also be making one last version in a solid color.

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  1. Thank you for more beauty, Joe. Please do publish the scarf pattern. Need a test knitter other than yourself?

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