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I’m Conflicted

Recently, I switched to a new dentist and he asked me a question that pleased me. But I probably shouldn’t be pleased. Yes, I’m conflicted.

Strange Story And Still Yet I’m Conflicted

Many of you may not know this fact about me unless it’s in my 100 Things About Me List. Or my 100 More Things About Me List. But when I was 12 years old, we were playing backyard baseball and I was acting as the catcher when the batter hit a ball, threw the bat and hit me in the mouth. I lost my two front teeth and they have been crowned for over 50 years now.

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Fast-forward to this past Tuesday when I met my new dentist (who I LOVE, by the way). He looked at my x-rays and asked me if my two front-teeth crowns were due to a sports injury.

The first response that came to my witty, gay mind was, “Do I LOOK like someone who’d have a sports injury?” And then I realized that is exactly why I had two capped front-teeth!!! After a brief pause, I responded to his question with this odd sense of pride…”Why yes, it was due to a sports injury!”

The sense of pride in achieving two missing front-teeth is what has me conflicted.

I may have to change the story. How does “I lost them in a gay-bashing in the ’80’s” sound?

Current Knitting

I was able to finish the single-color, teal Koknar scarf.

It’s only about 5″ wide, but it’s 98″ long (13 cm x 250 cm). I like this welted garter fabric. It’s quite squishy and very warm. And this color brings out the color in my eyes, no?

8 comments on “I’m Conflicted

  1. When someone asks if your missing front teeth were the result of a sports injury, you can simply answer truthfully and explain the circumstances. You can say something like, “No, it wasn’t a sports injury. I actually lost my front teeth during a backyard game when they were accidentally hit with a bat. It was just a random accident, and I’m not an athlete.” By providing an honest explanation, you can help clarify any misconceptions and avoid any confusion about the nature of the incident.
    Nothing wrong with the truth- even if it is not an exciting story. It’s still your story and you should stick to it.

    1. Why isn’t backyard baseball considered sports? I guess I don’t understand how simply answering yes would be a dishonest answer.

      1. I’m thinking Karen may have thought my conflict was that I was lying or exaggerating my injury to be sports-related…I don’t consider it a lie at all. My only conflict was how overly proud I felt about having a “butch” reason for my crowned teeth. Sorry for the confusion.

  2. Ah, Joe, I’ll jump to the bait of your fishing for compliments anytime. Yes, the scarf is as beautifully blue as your gorgeous blue eyes, you stud muffin. Please publish the pattern. Hmm, having been verbally gay bashed, including having something thrown at me and my husband, I advise against that version of your story. Gay or whatever, you certainly look like you’re athletic, so go with it. So, how dreamy is your new dentist?

    1. Thanks Fred. Thank goodness I’ve never been gay-bashed, although we’ve definitely had the word fag hurled at us many times. And my dentist isn’t dreamy, per se, he’s incredibly competent and helpful in explaining things I needed to know.

  3. E act same thing happened to me, but it was my poor nose that took the brunt of the hit. Still have a slightly crooked nose some 50 years later.

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