A Simple Test of Humanity

A Simple Test of Humanity

Perhaps I read too much into a simple coat rack at my dentist. But I think this is a simple test of humanity.

How Do You Score On A Simple Test of Humanity?

Imagine this scenario and what you’d do.

You walk into your new dentist office on a cold and rainy day. You shake out your umbrella outside, under the small porch overhang and come inside and take off your slightly wet raincoat. And then you see these three hooks. You’re the first patient in the waiting room so far.

What do you do with your umbrella and raincoat?

It would be so easy to hang my umbrella on the lowest hook and my coat on the highest hook. This would obviously prevent anyone else from using the hooks for their coats. Although it’s possible they might hang their coat on top of mine. I honestly couldn’t possibly be so rude as to cover the two other hooks with my coat. Even if it meant someone else’s coat might be dripping on mine while I had my teeth cleaned and examined. It’s a raincoat after all…it’s meant to be dripped on, no?

Other than a test to see how thoughtful or thoughtless you are of others, I find this coat-hook arrangement to be kind of annoying, but it is a very small area and there weren’t many other options. But it did have me thinking about how others would hang their coats.

Current Knitting

Despite what seemed like incessant and frenetic knitting, I wasn’t able to finish my latest scarf.

But I’m on the last part and will finish soon. Especially since it’s getting narrower and narrower as I go. I’m not usually one who like rustic, uneven knitted items, but I am LOVING this one. It’s been incredibly freeing to not have it be perfect and just enjoy the tactile and visual aesthetics of this scarf.

3 comments on “A Simple Test of Humanity

  1. Yes, Kate, I agree, someone wasn’t thinking. It’s the day-to-day seemingly small things that can make our humanity hum in sync with the world, or cause us to wonder, “WTF?” Like folks who choose not to use their turn signals — what’s up with that?

    Regarding “imperfect” knitting, Joe: you go, man! Last Sunday, Franklin Habit, during his Patreon in-studio hour, made a few inspiring comments about letting the notion of perfection go. Enjoy the knit! Your scarf pictured has remarkable color changes and texture. I imagine it’s that much more beautiful in person.

  2. My first thought on seeing the hooks was, “Oh, look, someone is acknowledging that children may have coats to hang, and that some people are very tall.”

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