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Abundance of Art

Living in the area known for the Bucks County Impressionists, it’s no wonder that there is an abundance of art in and around me.

History And Abundance of Art Collide

The area where I live is also of great historical significance. There are many battlefields from the Revolutionary War within spitting distance of where I live…okay, biking distance.

Recently, a piece from a renowned local-ish artist was installed where Washington crossed the Delaware River.

Seward Johnson Art at Washington Crossing State Park 07-21-23

The sculpture is by Seward Johnson, who is known for his life-like sculptures of people was installed at Washington’s Crossing Park overlooking the Delaware River. As a result, you’ll note the painting is of Washington and his army crossing the Delaware on Christmas Eve.

Installations of Johnson’s sculptures have been popping up around where I live for years. Since the sculptor was born in New Brunswick, NJ and had is atelier in Trenton, NJ for years his work is often seen around here. Princeton, New York City, Palm Springs.

I have always enjoyed this artist’s work. And, I’ve found it whimsical and startling at the same time. It always surprises me when his work garners either criticism or controversy. I have trouble understanding either reaction, since I’m always pleased to see any of it.

Current Knitting

As expected, I was able to finish the most recent shallow, triangular scarf in the beautiful handspun/hand-dyed Rambouillet yarn I was gifted.

It turned out spectacularly well with a soft and warm drape. So, I will be wearing this one often as the weather cools.

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