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Nature Lovers

Thaddeus and a friend of mine recently went out foraging for chanterelle mushrooms. Both of them are total nature lovers.

I Am Not A Nature Lover

Well, I’m not as much of a nature lover as my friend and Thaddeus anyway.

I mean, who doesn’t love some aspect of nature, right? And I love the ocean. I LOVE how varied and beautiful our biking path is when we ride…especially the wildlife.

Truthfully, I even enjoy going out foraging with Thaddeus once in a while.

But, the enjoyment is offset for me by other aspects of nature. Bugs hovering around my face are one of my least favorite things. The heat and sweat of navigating around fallen trees and brambles is quite annoying. And even the bug spray we use to keep ticks off of us doesn’t dispel the cloud of gnats sometimes. Also, chanterelles are one of my least favorite wild mushroom. And let me tell you, they are very plentiful in this area. Some years, there is a carpet of these beautiful fungi in the forested area where Thaddeus forages.

And, it’s clear from the smile on his face (there are very few photos of Thaddeus smiling), that he garners a lot of nurturing by nature. So, I’m happy for him.

For me, I’ll go lay on a beach and be lulled to sleep by the rhythm of the waves.

Current Crochet

I’ve added another color stripe to the short-sleeve, crochet shirt I’m working on.

I’m imagining this over-shirt/jacket garment will end up looking vintage-y and wonderfully casual. Kind of like an old bowling shirt. But honestly, new designs don’t always turn out how I envision them, so I’m looking forward to seeing if this one turns out well or not.

Fingers crossed!

3 comments on “Nature Lovers

    1. In short, yes…there are a few slight differences and species names here in the U.S. but for foraging, cooking and eating, they’re pretty much the same in France as in the United States.

  1. Finally, a photo of the elusive Thaddeus — handsome couple, you two. I am even less a nature enthusiast than you, Joe. I appreciate it from slightly afar and will certainly go camping if TCM is available in the tent or cabin.

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