A Package From James NZ 07-31-23 02

A Package From James

Whether it’s the detailed customs document on the the outside, or the Par Avion marking from New Zealand, it’s always good to get a package from James.

What’s In This Package From James?

Actually, I’m not going to show you everything James sent me. And not because it’s that kind of package.

From halfway around the globe (or at the edge of the flatlands, if you’re a flat-earth fanatic), James volunteered to make some scarves/cowls for the volunteers and staff at Easton Mountain. And he sent seven hand-made items that are just lovely. But since they’re not mine to brag about, I will just say they are definitely up to James’ high standards. And the folks at Easton will be thrilled to get any of them.

James was not only thoughtful to the Easton Mountain folks, but also to Thaddeus and I.

Mushroom Chocolate Biscuits 07-31-23 01

New Zealand has some of the more interesting mushroom-related items. And James sent both a box of chocolate-dipped biscuits in white chocolate, but also in milk chocolate.

They were both delicious.

We are always grateful to hear from James. For those of you who know him, you know what a fantastic man he is. And he’s always so thoughtful. But mostly, it’s being reminded of the times we’ve spent together despite all the distance between us.

I will be bringing his beautiful work and his spirit of love and support with me to Easton Mountain in September. And I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Current Crochet

Still on the long part of the short-sleeve, crochet shirt.

It’s a slog, but it’s got the perfect balance of mindless and not-boring that I love in a project. Honestly, even a close-up of the fabric doesn’t show the variation in stitches that I’m doing. But it makes the work more interesting to do, so I’ll continue through with it until it’s finished.

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  1. The Oki-Doki Funny Mushrooms (sounds like something Wylie Coyote would order from the Acme catalogue) remind me of a summer in London where I discovered just how many varieties of Cadbury “sweets” are available at almost every retail establishment. There are also an amazing assortment of flavored crisps (our chips). The roast chicken were good, but I drew the line at the cappucino inspiration!

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