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Men’s Fiber Community Donations!

The generosity of the men’s fiber community is never short of extraordinary! This past week I received two men’s fiber community donations and they are so awesome!

Two Men’s Fiber Community Donations

MJ Yarns and The Perfect Purl are both men-owned businesses. And both have been incredibly supportive the Men’s Knitting Retreats and our associated community. For the last few retreats, we’ve had a raffle that supports the scholarship fund for the Men’s Spring and NorthEast/Fall retreats.

For September, we’ll have three raffle baskets that the guys can win:

  • Crochet raffle basket
  • Knitting raffle basket
  • Spinning/Fiber Prep raffle basket

Crochet Raffle Basket

Jonathan at MJ Yarns has some of the most beautifully hand-dyed yarns. He also sells hand-turned sets of interchangeable crochet hooks that are so fantastic. Just when I didn’t think there was anything I could possibly add to my stash, I know have total envy for the interchangeable hook set. I may need to order a set for myself. We’ve also added a book for crocheting gnomes and a rechargeable neck light for the basket.

Knitter’s Raffle Basket

Doug, at The Perfect Purl was also very generous with us for the Knitter’s raffle basket. Perfect yarns for the Alberta vest by Brooklyn Tweed as well as a set of the Lykke Interchangeable needles.

Please patronize these two amazing fiber-companies and help us thank them for their generosity.

Fiber-Preparation/Spinning Raffle Basket

Donations for this raffle basket are equally as generous. I’ll post about the donors and vendors later. Here are some of the items I have photos of.

Any raffle basket winners in September will be quite pleased with what they win.

Current Crochet

It may not look like it, but I’ve made a bit more progress on the crochet, cotton, short-sleeve shirt.

Crochet Short Sleeve Top 08-09-23 01

Since Monday, I have only been able to add an inch to the body.

It will move along a bit more quickly as soon as I start shaping for the sleeve holes. And I can’t imagine the sleeves will take very long.

2 comments on “Men’s Fiber Community Donations!

  1. Since men in the making segment of the fiber world are in the vast minority, as a male knitter, I endeavor to help support fellow fellow creators in design and retail. I receive the Perfect Purl’s beautiful newsletters but had no idea it was a male-owned company. Now, that’s an excellent rationale to increase my stash! Am I a male chauvinist (remember that term?) piggy knitter? Oy. I bet, if asked, Steve and Andy of Leading Men Fiber Arts would contribute some raffle goodies.

    1. Fred. FYI. I am the only person running the company/website at The Perfect Purl and I don’t take any compensation. All of the profits (every single penny) goes to teaching new knitters how to knit. I buy knitters needles, yarn, and patterns. I teach free knitting classes and host several knit-together groups at The DAP Community Health Center and at The LGBTQ Community Center of the Desert in Palm Springs, California. Every penny I earn, I give away. To new knitters. If you attend any of the MSKR events, I have a serious discount code to share for my website. Send me a DM or email. Doug.

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