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No Memory Whatsoever

Have you ever come across something you knit or crocheted sometime in the past and had no memory whatsoever of it?

Here’s My Latest “No Memory Whatsoever” Moment

This past week, I went to visit my sister and mom in Massachusetts. I was in my sister’s living room and noticed the beautiful afghan in today’s feature photo. I remarked how beautiful it was, and she reminded me I had made it.

Honestly, I had no recollection of what pattern and yarn I had used.

I have knit afghans for any nieces or nephews that have requested them as they have come to an age where they’d appreciate them. So, it appears I did one for my niece Sadie. Not only did I make the afghan, but I designed the blanket so that all of it was completely reversible. I also wrote up a pattern for the afghan.

Niece Blanket Couch

Fortunately, I have a blog where most of this kind of knitting history is recorded. Here’s the entry where I finished the afghan. And here’s where the pattern is available on Ravelry.

In my defense, it was knit/designed over 8 years ago. And I’ve done a LOT of knitting and designing since then. But it did make me consider taking Prevagen.

Current Crochet

I’ve been traveling and spending time with family the last five days. While I did bring my current project, I hardly did anything on it.

Crochet Short Sleeve Top 08-14-23 01

This week will be pretty busy too, but I’ll try and at least finish the lower part of the shirt.

3 comments on “No Memory Whatsoever

  1. This happened yesterday! I was in my friends house (which is actually my old house) and she had a potholder I had obviously made. I thought maybe I had forgotten to take it when I moved or something, but she said I gave it to her for her birthday about 5 years ago! It’s a lovely Afghan!

  2. It happens! As we’ve been cleaning out my parents’ house, I brought home a scarf that I don’t remember and a shawl that I THINK I remember.

  3. This!!! My brother came for a visit in a nice navy blue Guersey sweater. I commented on how beautiful it was and he looked at me askance. “Thanks, sis, way to be humble!” I had to admit I had no memory of making it, which caused him further concern.

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