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End of an Era

When we moved into our home, my mom asked if she could help and I asked her if she’d buy me a refrigerator. That was over 32 years ago and it’s no the end of an era.

New Refrigerator Marks The End of an Era

In the last month, we had to replace our dishwasher (which was no where near 32 years old). We went to our local appliance store. Hendricks Appliance has been around since 1915 and we like them very much We got the new dishwasher installed and then realized we should probably also replace our refrigerator.

The refrigerator wasn’t inexpensive in 1990 when we bought it. It was around $1,100 (thanks mom!). And back then, appliance were built to last longer than they are today. And Thaddeus has been incredibly disciplined in doing any upkeep to it. So, it’s kept us in cold and frozen goods for over three decades. And while it was still working, we preferred to replace it before it wasn’t working any longer. So the choice, purchase and installation wasn’t urgent.

Older kitchens (as ours obviously is), had smaller and shorter spaces for refrigerators than most kitchens built today. So we were restricted to a specific size. Thaddeus, who always “measures twice and cuts once” had all the particulars. He wasn’t thrilled to go with a French door/bottom-drawer freezer. He preferred a side-by-side like we had for 32+ years. But all of the refrigerators in that configuration that we liked also had a water and/or ice dispenser in the door (which he DEFINITELY didn’t want).

So we ended up with this one.

New Refrigerator 08-18-23 01

It will take some getting used to. For both of us. But overall, I really love it so far. I’m also getting used to our new dishwasher.

Current Crochet

I had made so little progress on my current project by this past Wednesday, that I opted not to blog. My apologies to the regular readers of QueerJoe.

Crochet Short Sleeve Top 08-18-23 01

You’ll note that I’ve FINALLY gotten to the upper shaping part of the shirt. In fact, I’ve done all the shaping on the front-right arm-sleeve hole and just need a few more inches of fabric to complete the front-right.

Crochet Short Sleeve Top 08-18-23 02

The shaping and the shorter rows requires a lot more attention to what I’m doing. Especially since I can’t “read” crochet fabric as well as I can read knitting. But so far, so good.

3 comments on “End of an Era

  1. We have the same kitchen cabinets Joe. Speaking of old appliances, we have a working Kenmore freezer in our basement that we purchased in 1964. No wonder Sears went out of business.

  2. Totally agree with your refrigerator preferences! The ice makers take up a tremendous amount of room in the freezer compartment, plus the ice eventually smells terrible.
    Why do manufacturers insist on putting them in so many models?

  3. When my son and his husband moved into their first flat together guess what we bought them – a refrigerator! Must be a mother/son thing.

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