Ten Years of Knitting Montage 2003 - 2013

Ten Years of Knitting

A friend recently asked me if I had any idea of how many items I’ve made in my life. So I did a count of the ten years of knitting between 2003 and 2013.

Documented Ten Years of Knitting

Actually, this includes knitting and crocheting. But it doesn’t include sewing, quilting or spinning. And it’s a very rough estimate. I started to document my knitting in 2003, although I’ve accelerated the pace of my completed objects in the last 10 years by quite a bit. Most of the items I’ve made in the last 10 years were for sales at craft shows.

I counted 214 completed objects in that period of 10 years. I know some of the items I finished weren’t documented in photos. But even if that was the average year of knitting for me, and if you figure I’ve been knitting since the mid-eighties, that would end up being about 1,000 objects knitted.

Bonus points for anyone that can identify the one photo in the video montage that I absolutely did NOT make.

Current Crochet

The front/upper right-side of the shirt is almost finished and I’m starting the upper-back section.

All the calculations for the arm-hole shaping are finished, so now it’s just a matter of paying attention. Not always my strong suit.

3 comments on “Ten Years of Knitting

  1. This was fascinating. You sure created so much. I put your video on the slowest speed and paused it over certain pieces. And now I’ll check out specific ones on your Ravelry page. I can’t get over some of your creations. You can do everything.
    Looking forward to seeing 2013-2023!
    Best wishes for more August.

  2. What fun! I think the thing you didn’t make must be one of the things you are modeling or you wouldn’t have put it in. So I’m going with the trunks—assuming those are your legs. Or maybe the bike rack. Which was just out of place. At any rate, it was fun to see your range of work.

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