Perseverance For Other Things 08-25-23 01

Perseverance For Other Things

Thaddeus may have all the patience in the World for measuring the space for a refrigerator. But I have perseverance for other things.

Perseverance For Other Things…Such As…

Well, knitting and crochet to begin with. I have always said that the only skill required to be a very skilled knitter is perseverance.

And shucking corn.

Corn Shucked 08-25-23 01

New Jersey sweet corn is some of the most delicious I’ve ever had. Especially when it’s freshly picked and shucked well. For as exacting as Thaddeus can be, he is one of the laziest corn shuckers I’ve ever known (not that I know very many). He has the perfect way of preparing fresh corn. He cuts it off the cob and sautees it with butter and a little salt and pepper. It’s truly delicious. But the first few times he did this, he also shucked the corn. And picking through the corn silk was about as pleasant as you might expect.

From then on, it became my job to shuck corn.

Like knitting, I will spend as long as it takes to remove all of the removable corn silk strands from as many cobs as I have to shuck. And it never gets tiresome.

Corn Shucked 08-25-23 02

I mean it’s usually under 20 ears of corn, so I can leisurely spend my time examining each one.

Even if I didn’t find corn silk annoying to have in cooked corn, I’d still enjoy the time shucking it.

Fred G. has it exactly right in his comment on the last blog entry, “We are fortunate, indeed, to have found our soulmates, Joe.”

Current Crochet

More progress on the crochet cotton short-sleeve shirt project…at least a little more.

I’m at the stage in this project where I can’t wait for it to be finished. I know short-sleeves don’t seem like a lot of work, but I imagine it will be quite a bit of work (when I finally get there).

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