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Important Knitter Skill – Spatial Visualization

Spatial visualization is  the ability to look at a two-dimensional figure and visualize in three dimensional ways.

How Good Are You At Spatial Visualization?

Despite what you’ll read in my current projects section below, I’m usually pretty good at manipulating shapes in my mind. For instance, I can usually twist and imagine just how a sewn seam will create a specific curve or shape before I actually create the seam in real life.

My latest project, I’ve been struggling a little bit with this skill. I’ve never knit a collared shirt before. So, it took me a little while to figure out the shaping of the neck-hole. And honestly, I’m not really sure the who design is going to work or not.

But I’m committed to it at this point.

At worst, I’ll find that I really hate the whole idea and I’ll throw the project into a corner for a month or two. At that point, I’ll rip out the top of the garment and re-do it in a way that will work.

At best, the design will be exactly as I’d envisioned. The moment I try on the completed garment, I’ll look like a dashing, handsome, well-dressed guy with a capricious look in his eye.

We’ll soon see.

Readers’ Comments Questions

Thank you all for your thoughts and suggestions and ideas about the transphobic receptionist. I’m heading back to that office at the end of next week. They’ll be taking out any soluble stitches that didn’t dissolve and make sure the healing is complete. I’ll be able to assess the reaction of the receptionist and listen to anything the doctor has to tell me about it.

Current Crochet

I finally finished the right-front of the short-sleeve, crochet shirt. So I decided to continue on with shaping for the neck opening.

Crochet Short Sleeve Top 08-30-23 01

Not sure if you can see the shaping very clearly in the upper-left side of the photo (which will be the upper-right side of the shirt when it’s complete). But if you’re good at visualizing spatially, you’ll note a problem.

Yes…I shaped for the neck opening on the wrong side. Sigh.

Fortunately, it’s a very small amount of crochet to pull out and re-do. I should be on to the collar and sleeves in no time.

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  1. I can visualize knitting spatially because it’s a create as you go kind of thing, but give me a piece of fabric and say make something and I’m all confused.

    I guess if the response at the dentist is to dig in/cover up/ defend , you’ll know for sure to take your business elsewhere and you can tell them why. Good luck with your stitches!

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